Sunday, September 24, 2017

Guest Post by Brains and Beauty Dolls

Malia is an 18-inch talking doll by Brains and Beauty Dolls

Niya Dorsey, the creator of Brains and Beauty Dolls contacted me about her new line of 18-inch dolls. I invited her to share the inspiration behind the dolls.

"One day my one month old daughter and I were at home in the bed cuddling, as I stared at her beautiful face and started to talk to her. I told her how beautiful she is, how I couldn’t wait to have tea parties with her, get a mani-pedi together and how I want her to grow up and follow all her dreams, become a leader and so on. Suddenly, I got an epiphany, a doll is a girl’s best friend. I didn’t remember seeing or having a doll that had the beautiful features of girls of color. 

"I wasn’t big on the Barbie dolls and the other dolls I had as a child.  I would just feed, change their diapers and comb their hair. It wasn’t always easy styling their hair either. I decided I don't want a doll that teaches my daughter how to be a good mom, I want a doll that encourages her to believe in herself and to achieve her goals no matter what. At that moment I decided to create a doll for girls of color all over the world. 

"I created an 18-inch doll whose look was based on my daughter's features. First, I reached out to other mothers and asked, 'If you had to say something encouraging or positive to your daughter, what would you say?' I took my time and read every response and created a list of twenty empowering words. As a result, I created a doll that speaks encouraging words. I believe the right words are powerful and encouraging and have a positive impact on our little girls' lives.

"Today, many young girls suffer from low self-esteem due to society’s negative perceptions, bullying, and lack of encouragement. I want to help develop self-awareness and positive self-esteem in the lives of little girls with the help of my dolls.

Made of vinyl with a cloth stomach that houses her voice box, Malia is a perfect companion doll with comb-able human hair.
"I designed the doll to have real human hair to allow little girls to play with hair that is similar to their own, that is fun and easy to style. I named the company Brains and Beauty Dolls because our dolls represent intelligent and beautiful young girls everywhere. Our tag line is:  believe, empower and achieve in style. I want them to believe in themselves, empower one another and achieve their goals in style. 

"Our goal is to inspire little girls to embrace their uniqueness, individual beauty, intelligence, culture, and leadership abilities.

"Brains and Beauty Dolls aspires to create different dolls and accessories.  This September, we will run a kick starter campaign for our first doll Malia, and hope to unlock some other dolls as well."

Brains and Beauty Dolls Contact

Currently the Brains and Beauty website shop includes T-shirts, a girl and doll pajama set, and a book entitled, You can Be Whatever You Want to Be.

KickStarter Campaign
The Early Bird Special Pledge price for Malia for the first 100 contributors is $80 and the first 100 contributors at this level will receive an autographed doll!  After that goal is met, the campaign price will be $90 for the doll. Go here to preorder Malia or to otherwise contribute to the Brains and Beauty Dolls Kickstarter Campaign, which will run for 33 days. Let's help Ms. Dorsey make Malia a reality by contributing and/or sharing the link to the campaign.

Once again, here is the link.

PLEASE NOTE:  If the campaign is not fully funded, your credit card will not be charged.

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