Monday, December 11, 2017

Deborah with Earrings

Using a pair of "human" earrings found at a dollar store, I shortened the dangles of these before inserting the posts into Deborah's earlobes.  Her ears have a hole for earrings, but the hole does not extend through the ear.  To complete the piercing only required poking the posts of the earrings through the soft vinyl earlobe.

Deborah models her new dangle earrings, which match the bling in her two-piece suit.

Without the hat

Profile view

Deborah helps the children decorate the Christmas tree.
I was going to return Deborah to her box because she is not a doll that I plan to display.  Instead, I decided, because of her red fashion, to incorporate her into my Christmas decor before her box return.   

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