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Fresh Dolls Review

Fresh Dolls as seen on the back of  Deluxe Set Indigo's box (Indigo is the doll in front and center).
A new line of 11-1/2-inch fashion dolls called Fresh entered the market in October of this year.  This collection of six dolls was manufactured by World of EPI, LLC, the makers of Positively Perfect dolls.  Designed to have more realistic faces, bodies, and clothing to represent girls and women of color, the dolls are a fresh alternative to other fashion dolls that have preceded them.  

"To be Fresh," as described on the back of Deluxe Set Indigo's box," is to embrace your look and wear it with confidence..."

Deluxe Set Dolls Retail for $25.

Deluxe Set Indigo does exude confidence with her micro mini braided black hair and animal-print-inspired fashions.

Indigo has a light complexion and light brown eyes.
The Deluxe Set dolls include Indigo, Gabrielle, and Jacqueline.  Each doll comes with an extra fashion, one pair of shoes, and a purse.  

Deluxe Set Gabrielle has a medium complexion, brown eyes, and brown hair with curly ends.
Gabrielle wears a lovely purple gown and has an extra casual fashion.
Deluxe Set Jacqueline has a light complexion, light brown eyes, and honey blonde straight hair with curly ends.  Dressed in a mermaid-style royal blue gown, her extra fashion has a pointed hemline in front.

The bodice of Jacqueline's blue gown has an Afrocentric print.
Basic Dolls Retail for $10.

The basic dolls are:  Lynette, Mia, and Tamra, each sold separately.

Lynette has the deepest complexion of all Fresh dolls.  She's a brown-eyed brunette and wears her hair in one pulled-up Afro puff.  Her two-piece fashion consists of a red-print top and solid red skirt.

Close up of Lynette, Mia, and Tamra
Mia, the center doll above, has a light complexion.  Her hair is styled in a huge curly Afro with center part.  Mia wears an Afrocentric print romper with black jacket and black wedge sandals. Tamra's complexion is medium brown.  Her straight brunette hair extends below her waist.  Her eyes are also brown.  The bodice of Tamra's dress is orange.  The multicolored skirt has a mock wrap front.   Tamra wears blue strappy wedge sandals.  

Complexion Comparison

Lynette's deep complexion is comparable to the skin tones of S.I.S. Chandra and Barbie Fashionista Fancy Flowers, who flank her in the above photo.

Tamra's medium complexion is comparable to S.I.S. Kara's (above left) and Tropi-Cutie Barbie's (above right).

Mia (above right) is the only Fresh doll I have chosen to debox at this time.  Her light complexion is similar to S.I.S. Trichelle's.

Fresh Fashion Packs Retail for $5.

Each of the above fashions ("Pants Outfit" and "Active Wear") includes a sleeveless solid-color top, multicolored pants, and purse.  Shoes are included with the fashion on the left.

Two denim ensembles, "Glam Outfit," and "Denim Outfit" include a hand bag and shoes.

"Fun in the Sun" includes a two-piece pink swimsuit, pink shoulder bag, and straw hat.
Body Comparison
To illustrate Mia's curves, she now wears the Fresh swim suit.  She has also swapped shoes with S.I.S. Trichelle, whose foot size is the same as Mia's.  S.I.S. Trichelle was designed to have more curves than traditional Barbie and predates Curvy Barbie.  Mia's waist, thighs, and legs are larger  than Trichelle's.

Mia's breast, hips, and bottom are fuller than Trichelle's.
The Fresh dolls have the usual five points of articulation with additional articulation at the elbows and knees.  Their head movement is only left to right or rotational for 360 degrees.  The head cannot be moved upward or downward.  Their waists and wrists are not articulated.  Mia is posed in several ways as illustrated next.

When seated, she is able to cross her legs at the ankles.

Seated with legs crossed at the knees is shown above.

Mia can comfortably do a full split.

She can place her hands on her hips.

Mia can also pat her Afro into shape.

Clothing Comparison
As noted, Mia and Trichelle have a similar foot size; they can wear each other's shoes.  The Barbie fashion that Trichelle was wearing is cut a little larger than most Barbie fashions and has a slightly loose fit in the waist on Trichelle.  The wider cut allows Mia to wear it almost comfortably.  Because of Mia's larger waist, the Velcro closure in the back of the skirt does not properly line up.  See the second photo below:

Mia models a Barbie fashion and shoes, formerly worn by S.I.S. Trichelle.

On Mia, the skirt of this fashion does not close completely in the back.

Mia's romper is an improper, loose fit on Trichelle.  It is loose at the neck.  There is a gap at the back closure.
I took a chance and tried Mia's fashion on Nighttime Glamour (NG) Barbie and was surprised by the fit.

These two were able to swap clothing almost successfully.  Mia's romper is a good fit on Nighttime Glamour Barbie.  It was a bit of a struggle to get Mia's shoes onto NG Barbie's feet and the jacket is a bit snug.  Mia can wear NG Barbie's dress, but the shoes are loose at the ankles.

Mia's romper looks better without the jacket when NG Barbie wears it.  Mia agreed.
Additional Fresh Doll Details 
Their hair is well rooted with each one wearing a different hairstyle.  Hair color, styles, and texture vary.  As illustrated, the dolls' complexions vary from light, to medium, to deep.  The same head sculpt is used for all, but because of the different complexions and different hair colors and styles, each doll maintains her own personality.  All dolls wear permanently placed earrings.  

Where to Buy
The dolls are sold in Walmart stores and on their website.  Target stores and their website also sells the dolls. and sell Fresh dolls as well.  For additional information, visit the Fresh Dolls website at, "like" their Facebook page, and follow them on Instagram.  

Black Dolls Matter Magazine
Dr. Lisa, the founder of World of EPI, LLC and the creator of the Fresh doll line, was interviewed by Black Dolls Matter Magazine.  That interview is scheduled to be published in the magazine's premier issue.  A fundraiser for the magazine is ongoing here.  Backing is needed to make this quarterly publication a reality.  

Geared toward ages 3+, doll collectors have also incorporated Fresh dolls into their collections.  Parents seeking to provide dolls with positive images that better represent their children's physical attributes should seriously consider purchasing Fresh dolls.

As indicated on the back of Indigo's box, "Fresh dolls represent true multicultural beauty and promote self-love in children.  Fresh dolls have beautiful faces, custom skin tones, trendy fashions and hair styles.  With movable joints and more realistic bodies, Fresh girls can do anything!"

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