Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Clowns and ABC Babies BOGO Sale

Through December 20, 2017 January 2, 2018, all Clowns, shown here and all ABC Babies, shown here are on sale at Hamilo Baby Dolls, LLC (  Buy one get one of the same for free.  Made of resin, the ABC Babies are 5-1/2 inches tall.  The Clowns are approximately 6 inches and are also made of resin.

These make great stocking stuffers, can be used as small dolls for larger dolls to hold (as illustrated next), and are great as they are to add to or to begin a collection.

ABC Baby, Ollie (her favorite letter of the alphabet is "O") enjoys being held by My Twinn doll, Karen.

Karen is 23-inches tall.  Ollie and the other ABC Babies and Clowns can be held by smaller dolls, too.

Follow the links above, or visit Hamilo Babies Inc. here to take advantage of the sale.

To keep abreast of future sales and specials from Hamilo Babies, Inc., visit, "like," and "follow" their Facebook page here.

Happy shopping!

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