Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Layla's Necklaces

Layla by Svetlana Lukina is shown as she was dressed and accessorized by the artist, photograph courtesy of the artist.

First seen here after her January 2018 arrival, Layla is an Izannah Walker/Martha Chase-inspired doll by Russian doll artist, Svetlana Lukina.  When the doll was shipped from Russia to me, the artist inadvertently forgot to include Layla's handmade necklace in the shipping package.  Layla is shown wearing the necklace in the photograph above, which was taken by the artist.

Svetlana kindly sent the necklace under separate cover along with a box of delicious handmade chocolates.  I could smell the cocoa and butter when I opened the package.  A postcard with an image of Moscow's St. Basil's Cathedral was also included in the package.

Prior to the arrival of her original necklace, Layla has worn, at different times, two others, which are shown below:

Layla wore this bracelet as a necklace first because it matches the colors of her dress.  The one huge bead was distracting, so...

... the largest bead of the "necklace" (shown in the previous photo) was later positioned to the back.

This second necklace is a Chakra bracelet that Layla wore until her original handmade necklace arrived.

Layla's original necklace contains several brown and gold beads threaded onto a green ribbon.  The brown beads match her handmade earrings.

We are both happy to have her accessories complete and matching.
Thank you again, Svetlana, for your kindness, consideration, and generosity!


Svetlana was introduced in an artist's profile here.  She maintains her own blog about her doll art and beautiful doll photography, which is written in Russian but can be translated into different languages.

Visit her Etsy shop where she sells her one-of-a-kind Izannah Walker-style dolls.


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