Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Hollywood Cissy by Madame Alexander

Hollywood Cissy by Madame Alexander was released in 2000.

After recently reconnecting with Madame Alexander’s Hollywood Cissy and another Cissy that will be featured under separate cover, I decided to share the photographs of this lovely doll here.

Close-up photo of Hollywood Cissy illustrates her gorgeous face, brown eyes, heavy eyeshadow, faux diamond-encrusted stud earrings and hairpin.  

Introduced in the year 2000, this 21-inch doll has been part of my collection since that time and has never been displayed, only taken from the box to photograph.  My most recent photographs of Cissy are included here along with a scanned image.

Hollywood Cissy’s certificate of authenticity reads:
This doll has been exquisitely designed and manufactured with love from our 2000 Madame Alexander Couture Collection.  Your doll is from a limited edition and is numbered at 0078/1000. 
Love is in the details.
The certificate is signed by Herbert E. Brown, [the then] Chairman & CEO Alexander Doll Company, Inc.

Scan from The Definitive Guide to Collecting Black Dolls

As shown, described, and valued in chapter 3, page 69 of my first book, The Definitive Guide to Collecting Black Dolls (Hobby House Press, Inc., 2003) Hollywood Cissy has long black wavy wigged hair, brown sleep eyes and is dressed in a gorgeous white sleeveless gown that is embellished on the bodice, skirt, and train with iridescent sequins.  

Cissy's long black wavy hair and sequin-adorned train are illustrated above.

Beads adorn the V-shaped neckline and top circumference of the train.  

Front  (and back) of the train is embellished with beads.

Cissy wears a white faux fur cape which has lace and also bead and sequin embellishments.  A white tassel streams from the back of the cape.

Cissy wears white gloves and has a hangtag.

Her jewelry includes faux diamond encrusted earrings, a multistring beaded necklace, and a diamond-encrusted hairpin.  Gray cat-eye sunglasses, sheer stockings and silver lamé (not gold as indicated in my book) high-heel mules complete her fashion statement. 

Cissy’s face and arms are soft vinyl.  Her torso and legs are made from a firmer plastic.  She is articulated at the waist and knees.  

The African American Hollywood Cissy is style #26866 as indicated on the bottom end of her original box. 

Other Cissys available at the time this doll was released are included on Hollywood Cissy’s hangtag as illustrated above.


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  1. She is sooo adorable!!!!! I have a friend who collects Mme Alexander dolls. I didn’t know this “Cissy” collection existed. Do you have any others in that series?

    1. Thank you, April. I don't have others from this series. The other Cissy I own is from a different series. A post about her will be published Fri. the 29th.



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