Thursday, June 21, 2018

Precious Little Sister

18-inch hand-crocheted doll, Precious, by Creations by Ba'chaum

Seen briefly in my birthday dolls post, this post is devoted entirely to Precious.  An 18-inch hand-crocheted doll by Ra'chel Ba'chaum of Creations by Ba'chaum, Precious was a gift from my daughter and son.

She arrived on the day of my birthday, as adorable as I had imagined.  I took several photos of this cutie after adding the following entry to my Excel doll inventory spreadsheet:

18-inch hand-crocheted doll has black yarn hair styled in four squared-off sections (two on the top sides and two in the back) with spiral crocheted ponytails and bangs; two mint green crocheted butterflies accent the top side ponytails; mint green yarn is wrapped around the back two.  She has black eyes, black plastic eyelashes, sculpted nose and crocheted lips.  Mint green dress has pink, yellow, and white trim; panties and shoes match the trim; wears mint green butterfly-shaped earrings.  Has signed COA which indicates she is 1 of 1. Ribbon label on back reads:  Handmade by:  Ra'chel Ba'uchaum 2018.   

She has the sweetest face with a sculpted nose and crocheted lips.

Precious wears the traditional little black girl hairstyle from back in the day of four sectioned off ponytails.  I love the way Ra'chel defined the parted hair with lighter color yarn for the scalp color.
Her crocheted-on panties match the trim of the dress and the color of her shoes.
The crocheted-on undies have ruffles in the back!  Is this cute or what?

Shown in the first photo of this post, here is a closer look at Precious' certificate of authenticity which is signed by the artist and dated.
As illustrated in this photo and the next, Precious is as cute from the side as she is from the front.

I love the pastel colors of her dress, which complement her caramel complexion.

Joined by her sister who is "a few months" older and slightly taller, Precious has settled into her new environment.


"You and me, Us never part
You and me, Us have one heart
Ain't no ocean, ain't no sea
Keep my sistah way from me

I can just hear Precious and CoCo singing the above hand-clapping song that was sung by Nettie and Celie at the beginning of the movie, The Color Purple.

Makidada is of Swahili origin and means "little sister."  CoCo is happy to have her little sister home.


See other creations by Ra'chel on her Facebook page.


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  1. Interesting. I've never seen a crocheted doll before.

  2. Crotchet is an interesting doll medium.


  3. What an interesting use of crochet.

    1. Yes, it is amazing to see a doll fashioned from crochet. It is amazing that I now own three. I never imagined myself owning one.



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