Thursday, September 21, 2023

A Third QueBan BJD

Beitz is a 1/6 scale BJD by QueBan.

I had contemplated buying Beitz, QueBan's redheaded 1/6 scale BJD for months. I finally made the purchase a few weeks ago and just recently removed the doll from the shipping package, photographed her, and sat down to write this blog post. 

Photographs include Beitz in the box (as illustrated above) and the back of the box (as illustrated below).

The back of the box provides a description of QueBan's 1/6 MJD BJD dolls and describes Beitz as a "Cool Girl."

Beitz's size is incorrectly shown on the back of the box as about 30 cm/ 9 inch(es). However, the doll is 11 inches tall.

Each QueBan doll has a back story. "Beitz is a talented student from the lab who loves to use the computer to create different websites. She loves to play computer games with her friends. She wears a bright silver fashion suit, which is her favorite outfit to wear in front of the computer."

Beitz wears a silver lamΓ© jacket and pants with a black tank top and black lace-up boots.

My first MJD BJD by QueBan (Jesui) arrived in July of 2022. The second one (Vaddon) arrived less than a month later. They all have weird names. 

For months, I hesitated ordering Beitz because I didn't care much for her space-age looking costume. In person, the costume is not bad looking, and of the three QueBan dolls that I now own, this doll's shoes fit the best. 

Like all the dolls in the current line that are this scale and made of vinyl, Beitz has blue eyes and applied upper eyelashes. Their hair is also rooted.

The index fingers on the extra pair of hands are curled under.

Beitz's ponytail extends below her waist.

Except for clothing, hair color, and style, all QueBan 1/6 vinyl MJD BJDs are alike as illustrated in the following combined photos of the three that I own.

Jesui, Vaddon, and Beitz are inexpensive 11-inch 1/6 MJD BJD vinyl dolls by QueBan.

When I purchased Jesui in 2022, the price for the dolls was around $29.99. Beitz's 2023 price was $16.99 (another reason I decided to purchase). At the time of this post, Beitz's Amazon price is a few dollars more than what I paid for my doll but far less than the 2022 price. Below, I've added Amazon buy links for the three I own and two others that are not part of my collection—one with lavender hair and another one that has pink hair.


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  1. I like her, the outfit does seem a bit space agey, but she is a computer girl. That's odd that their shoes all fit different. Glad that her fit the closest.


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