Saturday, August 7, 2010

Which Wig?

Cocoa (a.k.a. Mirror, the first dark-skinned American BJD by Goodreau) is wearing "Denim Blues,"  designed by "Squarepeg" for a doll like Cocoa, who is "unafraid and unapologetic [for expressing her] individuality." 

After the fashion arrived, Cocoa tried on several wigs (10 to be exact!).  She is having difficulty deciding which one works best with her new outfit.  To help her decide, I created a poll.  Please view the slide show images and use the poll on the top right of the blog to help Cocoa determine which wig looks best with her new outfit.. 

dbg ◦


  1. I voted for brown curly. I like the black long and brown braid just as much. Cocoa is a real cutie.

  2. I voted for the brown braid but I liked so many of them. Oh and uhm, you are missing PINK!!

  3. Thanks everyone for the votes thus far. I am surprised at the results. I think Cocoa is, too.

    She certainly is missing a pink wig, Margaret!


  4. I liked the brown short wig because I thought it complimented the shape of her face, and her beautiful eyes looked wonderful in that wig.


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