Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Reese, One Sharp Cookie; Monsieur Z, Not So Much

Dynamite Girls Wave 2 Reese arrived yesterday, some two years after being introduced as the first dark-skinned Dynamite Girl (box date 2008).  I love her real tweed coat and the brown faux suede hot pants underneath!  The chocolate brown tights and brown knee-length boots give her the "total" look.  A sucker for a sale, I purchased Reese last week for 50% off after hearing about IT Direct's sale.   

At 56% below retail, Monsieur Z Jungle Fever hopped into the online cart, too (because of her afro hairstyle and the reduced price).

I'm not as crazy about her fashion and  too bad for me that I overlooked her cartoonish eyes (sorry Jason). I think repainting might be in order for this one.

Until then, she'll wear her sunglasses.

dbg ◦


  1. I have and love Reese, too, DBG.

    I'm mixed about the Monsieur Z dolls. I like them but the heads are too big IMO. I have Jungle Fever and Flaunt It.

  2. I didn't notice the head size, D7Ana for those odd eyes. I do love Flaunt It's outfit. Thanks for sharing the links to the images.


  3. lololol @ the glasses part! Reese is still the last doll standing because almost everyone still has her in stock!

  4. Are you familiar with the BEAUTIFUL
    African-Canadian doll "Leneda"?
    She's available in 3 different skin tones. There is also an African-Canadian boy doll "Leroy" in this series. The all vinyl dolls are 11" tall. There is also a very pretty Asian doll in this series. I personally don't care for the face on the Caucasian doll
    "Leeann". Anyway, here is the

    The United States isn't the ONLY country offering beautiful, ethnic

  5. Yes, I am very familiar with Leeann's dark skinned friends, Leneda and Lenny. I actually own two versions of Leneda and Lenny (light and dark-Leneda; medium and dark Lenny). Leneda is also featured in my second book. Both dolls are featured in my third which will be published soon. Thanks for your post.

    Fellow black doll enthusiasts do realize black dolls are not exclusively made in the US and appreciate the other markets that include them in their lines.

    Thanks again for your post.


  6. Canada also offers the Mixis fashion dolls who are striking ethnic fashion dolls. You can read additional information about these dolls here at Black Doll Collecting and at my blog, PhillyCollector.

  7. I think they're either designed or based on the illustrator Monsieur Z.

    Jason Wu's dolls are sometimes more arty than other fashion dolls, like the Eve Kitten series, who was the heroine of a graphic novel. Like you, I didn't like the cartoony eye design but it's growing on me, they have a distinct retro appeal. I will probably get some of them. They're discontinued b/c they didn't sell well, but I think it's great that J.W. takes risks.

    Did you like the Josephine Baker doll? I suggested it when W club wanted new doll suggestions. I like the doll but it doesn't capture her exuberance. I will probably get her anyway.

  8. Hi Anonymous,

    I appreciate your comment. You're right! The Monsieur Z dolls are based on the illustrator's work. Thanks for sharing the link.

    It is good that Jason takes risks. His doing so contributes to his success.

    I did not buy the Josephine Baker doll, not even a discounted one. If the price is lowered even further (how much lower can they go, you're probably thinking?) before they sell out, I may purchase one.



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