Saturday, August 14, 2010

Which Wig? And the Winner Is...

Cocoa in the most preferred wig

In the now closed poll, the brown short wig was the most popular of the 10 wigs from which Cocoa had to choose to wear with her new fashion.  I have now applied sticky-back Velcro to the undersurface of the short brown wig which attaches to the opposite Velcro applied to the top of her head.  This eliminates the need for a wig cap and provides a snug fit. 

Below, Cocoa illustrates the process and then strikes a few poses.

A square of sticky-back Velcro was attached to the crown of Cocoa's head immediately after her arrival in 2008.

Each of Cocoa's wigs has an opposing square of sticky-back Velcro attached to the inside.

Velcro meets Velcro

Cocoa's wig is firmly in place.  She strikes her first pose...

...then another.  Finally,

she takes a quick outside pose before returning to her place of display.

Thanks everyone for voting in the poll.  It was fun!

dbg ◦

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