Friday, August 20, 2010

"Obama" Meets Obama: Hot Toys' TrueType versus DID's Action Figure

Hot Toys' TrueType Figure Advanced Version African American (modeled after President Obama) arrived yesterday from  Prior to his arrival, I had an outfit in mind.
His muscular physique interfered drastically with the Ken fashion I had on hand.

Ken's sunglasses do fit him.

Civilian pieces purchased from Old Joe Infirmary (they're offline for a while) will have to do for now:  a lavender dress shirt, black denim jeans, and black mock-lace oxfords.  The look on his face is stern, but he appears relaxed in casual clothes.  I did not want to "suit him" up anyway.

In comparison to the Obama figure by DID, I like Hot Toys' figure better for the following reasons:
  • His complexion is even--the head color matches his body and extremities.
  • The head sculpt better captures the President's likeness including ear size. Unlike DID, they failed to include the mole by his nose, however.
  • Hot Toys painted the hair better.
  • Both figures can stand without the assistance of a display stand, but Hot Toys included one.
  • Hot Toys' extra thigh muscles may be an added plus for some.  I quickly removed them.  
  • The Hot Toys figure has one set of extra hands (the DID figure has two extra sets).  The fingers are flexible on the Hot Toys figure.  DID's are not.
  • They both pose well, but the DID figure has more abdominal muscles and more articulation in that area. 
I took several additional photos.  Click to enlarge in another window for better detail.

All they need now is at least one 11-1/2-inch vinyl replica of the First Lady.


Hot Toy's TrueType (Obama) and DID's Obama Action Figures (in box and in white shirt)
PS  I should mention that DID's figure has two heads.  I purchased an extra body for the open-mouthed head, which is the one illustrated above in the white shirt.  The other, which is dressed in a suit, is kept in the box along with the accessories:  fringed American flag with pole and stand, stool, microphone, extra necktie, and extra hands. ◦


  1. The President as an action figure? All I can say is wow!

  2. Sniff. Now I want a Hot Toys President Obama, too. Waaahh!

    Thanks for the photos and the detailed notes, DBG!

    BTW, I have seen an Integrity Toys' Adele repainted to look like Mrs. Obama. Excellent likeness, it was.

  3. D7ana - Adele as Michelle, that's interesting. I would like to see that.

  4. Wow, I like this post. I'm glad you got yours. They do ship quickly. I love the comparison photos. When the DID version came out, I couldn't afford him. After seeing the DID verison, I am glad I got the True Type. I don't like the shiny body of the DID. I do miss the mole but I can live with that. Smart idea getting the extra body for the DID figure.

    Some Ken clothes work for True Types and some don't. Shoes don't work at all. I think we both need some Chicago team items for him.

    I use Julia as Michelle on my blog post. She does alread have another mate. (She is one of my "go to dolls".) She is not exactly Michelle but I would love to see Adel/Michelle.

    I can't wait to see more pic from you. I'll have to take a picture of him with Colin Powell.

    Hey, as an action figure, he should have come with the Peace Prize shouldn't he? Or Airforce One! HeHe!

  5. Ms. Leo,

    I'm glad you enjoyed this post and the comparison images. You could always add the mole missing from the TrueType figure with a dot of paint, or leave it as is.

    I only have one deboxed Christie, Talking Christie. I could probably redress her as FL Michelle Obama. I can see Talking Christie redressed in a J. Crew type outfit and the doll paired up with either of the two Obama figures. Too bad I don't sew or know of a fashion made for Barbie that fits the description. I'll think on it and come up with a solution. Thanks for suggesting Christie.


  6. I stumbled across this post looking for info as to whether or not a truetype Obama head would fit on a Ken body. Do you have an opinion as to whether or not the size would be correct? I can do "surgery" as needed to make the parts fit.
    Thanks for any input you might have:)

  7. Hi, loved your blog and was up in the air on what Obama doll I wanted to get but you've helped me decide! I just ordered the Truetype one right from the same website you ordered him from! I think the face is spot on compared to the other one even though he does come with a suit and a better body. Can't wait to get him and I am pairing him with the AA lingerie #5 silkstone as Michelle.

  8. Good for you. I initially was going to use AA Lingerie Barbie #5 with my TrueType Obama, but after the Basic dolls were released, I decided to use model 10. Good luck in finding clothing for your TrueType. I found a very well-made ensemble on eBay for mine offered by a seller in Japan, which also included socks and shoes.

  9. Can I add the True Type Terrance Howard head to the True Type Obama body? Do the colors match well enough? I have been trying to buy True Type Terrance Howard but can not find it. I can only find the head.

  10. Hi Anonymous,

    I knew the Terrence Howard figure would be a difficult one to find eventually, which is why I purchased mine as soon as it became available. The TrueType Obama was an immediate purchase, too.

    There is a slight color difference between these two TrueType figures. The Obama figure has gray undertones while Terrence is a reddish-brown, but I believe you can use Terrence's head on the TrueType Obama body without it being obvious that the head is a different color. You'll probably be better off doing this because Terrence's body is shorter than Obama's. I will take and post comparison images later today. Stay tuned. Great question!



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