Thursday, March 24, 2011

Catching a Case: Brown Girl with Yellow Hair

This 1970s Fashion Doll Case by Miner is a recent eBay acquisition.  It features a brown-skinned girl dressed in a yellow sweater, black shoes, and lime green:  pleated skirt, socks, tam,  and scarf.  Very colorful.  I didn't notice the obvious until after I placed my bid.  The girl has yellow hair.  Silly me... I thought.  Is this girl actually African American, as indicated in the auction's title?  Her yellow hair confused me, so I wrote the seller and asked her opinion.  "Well, you've got a point, but her skin is definitely brown," was her paraphrased reply.

Before the auction ended, I Googled, "Miner Fashion Doll Case," or something to that effect, and found the white version of this case.  I attempted to locate that image to link to this blog, but failed.  By memory, the girl on the "Googled" case wore pink and another contrasting color, possibly yellow.  Like mine, the exterior of the other one was also white vinyl.  I do not remember the girl's hair color, possibly yellow, too.   

Miner was obviously quite progressive in their thinking as illustrated by another doll trunk they manufactured, circa 1970s, shown here. (Scroll down to view the image and read the seller's description.) 
There are still so few doll trunks or other doll-related items that feature Black dolls or graphics of dark-skinned people, that when I do find them, I am immediately interested... enthused.  Below are pictures of other accessories with melanin-rich graphics. 

Tonner Doll Fashion Trunk is covered in fabric with silhouetted dark-skinned fashion models.

1999 Barbie Trunk has head shot of Asha (friend of) Barbie.  Is this Mattel's first dark-skin doll-featured trunk?

Stila makeup paint can features #1 Black Barbie in celebration of the doll's 30th Anniversary.

Originally sold as a set of three, these vinyl clutches have a head shot of #1 Black Barbie.

Barbie tote bag: Using an ultra fine-tipped brown Sharpie marker, I colorized Barbie.


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  1. Where on EARTH did you find the pink Barbie vinyl clutches? I am obsessed! :-)

  2. You are too funny, T Fisher. I found the set of three pink vinyl Barbie clutches at Toys R Us. I gave one away as a gift and kept the remaining two for ME.


  3. Thank you - just bought them - you rock! Are you from Dallas? Because if you are, we are going to have coffee as soon as the temperature is reasonable again. I live in Oak Cliff!

  4. Wow... glad you were able to locate them.

    Yes, I am in Dallas. We'll have to connect.


  5. Hi -
    I was just searching through some old boxes and found the Miner Fashion Doll Wardrobe Case just as you show above. The only difference - this one has white skin tone instead of black! No other changes, same yellow hair, some color clothes. I'll gladly send you a photo if you'd like.



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