Saturday, March 19, 2011

Prodigyrls Janelle, an Aspiring Chef

After visiting the Prodigyrls' website and deciding Janelle needed to join Nicole, I ordered Janelle this past Monday.  She promptly arrived yesterday.  I took several photos of this caramel-complexioned cutie with cinnamon-colored Shirley Temple-curled hair, and read her story on the back of the box.  The photos, story, and my opinion of Janelle follow: 

Janelle wearing chef's hat

Janelle without hat -- she has a pink T-shirt on underneath her chef's coat.
Janelle can "take off her chef hat" by literally removing it and the coat to nicely blend in as a casually dressed doll in the collection.

Janelle's Shirley Temple-curled hair

Back of box contains company info and Janelle's story, which reads:

Prodigyrls (pra-dee-girls) is a unique collection of African-American dolls with realistic facial features, skin tones, and hair.  Our dolls reflect the beauty of African-American girls.  Each doll tells the story of what she is passionate about and how she was inspired to pursue her dream.

Janelle lives with her grandparents and dreams of becoming a chef.  Janelle's family celebrates with food and her grandmother is an amazing cook.  When Janelle's grandmother is diagnosed with diabetes[,] Janelle sets out to create healthy alternatives to her grandmother's recipes.  Janelle dreams of owning a restaurant and serving her nutritious creations. 

In three words to describe my opinion of Janelle:  I love her... I'm glad I ordered Janelle... Nicole is too! (Oops... that's more than three words).



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