Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Twinn Friend Reveal, From Her to Him

This is the doll I purchased earlier this week during the My Twinn Friend doll sale with the idea to transform her into a boy.  She is the last doll shown on the image collage I created to help me decide which doll to buy. The first doll on the image collage (first doll, first row, far left) was my first consideration, but I wanted a doll that I would only need to redress.  To become a boy, the first doll, first row would definitely need rewigging, which eliminated her.  The dolls (there are 2) in the Asian attire on the image collage were considerations because of their hair, but they share the same face mold as my lone-My Twinn boy.  I needed the second boy to have a different face.

The transformation is illustrated in the images that follow:

I removed the white dress, white tights, and blue and white Victorian-style shoes, underneath which were pink-trimmed undershirt and matching panties.  Obscured by the camera's flash is the My Twinn logo on front of the undershirt.

I removed the undies and photographed the doll without them to illustrate the extensive amount of cloth used for these dolls.  The cloth limits the clothing styles the dolls can wear, but it actually adds to their pose-ability due to the armature within.  

Redressing in this authentic My Twinn boy outfit of green polo-style shirt, denim jeans, real leather belt, white socks, and black sneakers transformed the pretty girl into to a handsome boy.  I named him after my brother Ronald's friend, Billy.  My former lone-My Twinn boy is named after my brother.

Pictured above are Ronald and his new friend, Billy.


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