Thursday, March 3, 2011

Girl with Blue Bow

A package from a well-known, original porcelain doll artist, was the last thing I expected to receive, but I did, yesterday. 

After an outing with my husband, we returned late to a pitch black house, inside and out.  Before retreating to bed and before turning on the front porch light, I peeked out the front door to check for UPS-delivered packages.  There were two.  I brought these in and, without looking at their return labels, left them in the living room to open today.   Tired... I went to bed.

This morning, I was pleasantly surprised to discover the larger of the two packages was from Goldie Wilson.  Filled with excitement, I retrieved a pair of scissors to remove the packaging tape while thinking/questioning, "a doll... maybe it's cloth... the box too light to contain a porcelain doll." 

Girl with Blue Bow by Goldie Wilson, 2011

No, it did not contain a doll, but that did not lessen my excitement.  It contained a one-of-a-kind acrylic/oil painting from Goldie's FACES series of paintings.  Also included was a handwritten note from Goldie and a printed note detailing her new venture.  They read as follows, handwritten followed by printed:

Hi Debbie

Thanks so much for the extra book.  I am painting Black pictures called faces.  I would like for you to have this one.  It is titled "Girl with Blue Bow."  Hope you enjoy.  I will be doing my first showing of my paintings at Barbara's Black Doll Show

Thanks again,



I am known for my one of a kind porcelain dolls.  I have sculpted and created dolls for at least twelve years.  There are so many faces that I would like to sculpt, but never seem to have the time.  So I decided I would put my faces on paper.  After drawing on paper I decided that I would transfer my drawings to canvas, which I did.  I enjoyed the look I was creating.  It was a look that I had been looking for to hang on my walls as a decorative accessory.

These paintings are done in oil and acrylic paints on canvas.  All paintings are One of a Kind.  My creations are called "FACES".  The faces that I create are from my surroundings.  I might see lips that I like, eyes, a position of a head; I use all elements to create my faces. 

As I pursue my new venture I hope you will enjoy my "FACES".

Goldie Wilson

I sent Goldie an email to express my deep gratitude for her act of kindness and explained that prior to opening the package, I imagined a doll inside. 

Goldie replied:
Think of it as a doll... not enough time to make all the dolls in my mind, so I paint my visions.

I am honored to own one of Goldie's doll visions captured on canvas.


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