Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Random Visit to

Prodigyrls Nicole and Janelle

This morning, while still in the midst of the spring forward, sluggish effects of Daylight Saving Time, I decided to visit the Prodigyrls' website.  I was surprised to find the dolls discounted from $69 to $49.

I own Nicole and later purchased Janelle as a gift for a friend.  Both were purchased at their original retail price of $69.   Perhaps I should enable myself and purchase Janelle before quantities are exhausted.

Prior to Nicole's purchase in December 2009, I wrote the company's founder, Dr. Daniela Wiggins, who shared the inspiration behind the dolls and her then plans for them.   Ms. Wiggins allowed me to share the results of our communication in blog form.  At that time, I was a blogger for DOLLS Magazine, which is where I documented our communication.

Nicole and Janelle

If you would like to add one or both of these adorable, 18-inch, vinyl-with-cloth-bodied dolls that have ethnically correct facial features, skin tones, and hair texture/styles to your collection, or would like to present one as a gift to a deserving girl, visit the Prodigyrls' website now.  The need to support manufacturers of dolls that inspire continues. 

(By the way, my Nicole looks adorable in other fashions designed for 18-inch, slim-bodied dolls.  An Emily Rose yellow cheerleader fashion, is one. See her in it here.)


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  1. Wow! They are both beautiful. This is my first time hearing about this company. That is an incredible price too. As I am typing this, I just thought of the perfect little girl for this doll. I will be informing her mother right away. I'm thinking about buying one myself to model 18in clothes I am considering making and selling. Don't ask me where I will find time to do that too.

  2. The price is great, Vanessa. I hope the little girl's mom you're thinking about will purchase one for her.

    Either one would make a perfect model for 18-inch fashions.


  3. The enabling is complete: I just ordered Janelle!



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