Monday, March 25, 2013

Ashton-Drake's: Michelle Obama Fashion Doll: Inaugural Ball

Michelle Obama Inaugural Ball dolls by Ashton Drake (on left) and Danbury Mint (on right)
Except for her 14-3/4-inch height, Ashton-Drake's doll appears to be almost identical to the prototype advertised by Danbury Mint.  Ashton-Drake has failed to identify their doll's medium in the information provided on their website.  This information is also omitted from the mailed literature I recently received.  So I sent them the following e-mail:

Your website and the mailed literature I received regarding item #302035001, First Lady of Fashion Michelle Obama Inaugural Ball Commemorative Doll does not indicate the medium used.  Is this doll vinyl, porcelain, or other material?  Thank you!
The price is $129.99 or 5 installments of  $26 + S and H of 14.99US, which is slightly less than Danbury Mint's price of 4 installments of $39.50 US.  Danbury Mint's price includes shipping and their doll is vinyl.

Ashton-Drake is not as notorious about producing dolls that are far unlike the advertised doll, but they have been guilty of this in the past.  I would really like to see their production version of  First Lady of Fashion Michelle Obama Inaugural Ball Commemorative Doll before ordering.

I will post an update regarding the doll's medium if AD provides a reply.

Updated:  1:00 PM CST:
Reader, Dawn S. pointed out what I missed in Ashton-Drake's description:

"Expertly handcrafted in artist's resin and hand-painted by elite artisans to create a stunning likeness of the First Lady, from her dazzling smile to her chic new hairstyle."

My eyes were looking for porcelain but hoping for vinyl in the AD description.  I never considered this doll would be made of resin, which could be porcelain-like or vinyl-like, depending on the resins used. 


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  1. The Danbury Mint one looks wonderful. If things were different for me, I would definitely order one. I hope the Ashton Drake one is nice, too. Who knows, I might order one to sit on my work desk. After all, she is my doppelganger.

  2. Looks may be deceiving if history repeats itself. I have more faith in AD producing a doll that resembles their prototype than DM.


  3. I agree that I want to see the doll before buying.

  4. Those both look like photos or renderings of her so I wouldn't trust either one.

  5. I agree, Muff. Both are different images of the First Lady. We (or those interested) will probably all be surprised at how the actuall dolls look.

    It's unfortunate for FL-enthusiasts and collectors unaware of this practice that companies are allowed to do this.


  6. Just received my "Michelle Obama Inaugural Ball Fashion Doll". Beware. The doll looks nothing like the depiction which is misleading. It appears on second look to be a photograph of Mrs. Obama and not a photo of the actual doll. The doll’s face looks nothing like the First Lady. The smile alone seems to take up 1/3 of the face and the dress is of cheesy material. For the price, I am very disappointed and will be returning the doll.

    1. Thanks for the warning, Dani. I was almost certain the doll would not look like FLOTUS. Doll companies have falsely advertised these dolls since 2009, using an image of her and failing to produce an adequate portrait doll. The only vinyl doll that I feel closely resembles Michelle Obama is the one by Franklin Mint based on Mrs. Obama's first official White House portrait. If you do not have that one and if you can find it on the secondary market, I believe you will be pleased.



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