Thursday, January 9, 2020

Lovely Roddy Doll From England

1960s doll by Roddy of England

This 1960s 24-inch high-heel fashion doll is stamped "Roddy" on the neck (see image below).  D. G. Todd and Company began making dolls marked "Roddy" in 1934.  The name Roddy uses letters from the owners' names, Daniel G. Todd and Jack Robinson.  Their first dolls were composition.  They began making hard plastic dolls in 1948.  In the late 1950s, the D. G. Todd company began making vinyl dolls.  The company was sold in the mid-1960s when dolls marked "Roddy" were sold under the name Bluebell.  It is possible that my doll is a Bluebell doll.

She arrived in March of 2019 wearing a crocheted halter top and a midi-length skirt with attached shorts.  Her feet were bare.

Arrival outfit

The doll has black rooted hair styled in a bubble-cut.  The head is marked "Roddy."

A very kind gentleman from Great Britain contacted me after reading my "Roddy Doll Who Am I Post?"  He offered to sell this doll to me for a price I could not possibly refuse.

She has very shapely legs.
This ebony-complexioned doll has a soft vinyl face, brown amber sleep eyes, and a rigid plastic body.  The body had some surface scratches that I masked with a thin application of Jojoba oil.
The surface scratches she had upon arrival had been masked with oil when this picture and the one immediately above were taken.

I was not happy with her crocheted fashion.  So I searched my doll trunk of clothing to find something more suitable for her to wear.

A three-piece red ensemble handsewn for Tonner's 22-inch American Model would have to do until I purchased something else.

The buttons on the coat of the red ensemble are shaped like white snowflakes.  I placed masking tape underneath the buttons to protect the fabric and painted them silver to match the silver high-heel shoes that she was going to wear with it.

The buttons were prepped, as described above, prior to painting with silver metallic acrylic paint.
The snowflake buttons are now silver.

Below, this lovely doll models the three-piece ensemble and silver shoes:

In this photo, the ensemble is worn without the jacket.
Modeled from the back without the jacket
Her ears were pierced and red faux ruby stud earrings added.
Next, she modeled the jacket.

Modeled from the back with the jacket

Finally, she shows off her strappy silver lamé shoes.

I commissioned someone to make this doll a more appropriate fashion and shoes.  As soon as it arrives, a follow-up post will be published.

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