Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Alexis's New-to-Her Outfit

Do you ever tire of seeing your dolls dressed one way or another? Maybe the manufacturer's fashion concept or a redress you selected is screaming, "Change me!" or maybe the doll is doing the screaming.

Whatever the case, I experienced the need for change with Makin' Waves Alexis. See her original fashion here.

Yesterday, she tried on an assortment of different dolls' fashions, mostly Barbie's before finally settling on one of Barbie's Fashion Avenue outfits.

The pink, thin-wale corduroy pants pair well with her bathing suit utilized as a bodysuit, as shown above.

Alexis also looks great wearing the outfit's blue denim, pink faux fur trimmed jacket...

...either open or closed.

Since she cannot wear the B-girl's shoes, her accessories are her own:   Livin' Hip tan moccasins, brown handbag, and gold dangle earrings borrowed from Alexis #1.

Alexis to Alexis, "Ooh! I like your outfit.  Where did you buy it?"

Alexis to Alexis, "You do?  Girl, this old thing has been here for years.  It's older than me. (Giggle.)" 

With a Mattel copyright date of 2002, she's telling the truth.


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  1. LOL @ "This outfit is older than me."

    Too cute. Love seeing the dolls redressed. Interesting to see the different Alexis complexions in one photo. Should help me determine if the darker Alexis body will do for my brown Teen Nikki doll. Hmmm ...

    Still snapping off the big heads on my Liv dolls though ;-D

  2. Cute story! I have never redressed a Liv doll. She looks really cute redressed.

  3. The Liv dolls would be perfect if their heads were proportionate with their bodies. Their own outfits are stylish and very well made. Spin Master did not need to ride the big-head doll wave for these dolls to become a hit. If not for their oversized heads, they might be even more popular. The articulation is wonderful. I can't blame you, D7ana, for snapping those heads off.

    Hey Georgia Girl - I used to be shy about redressing a doll (particularly high-end dolls). I now realize and appreciate the fact that once the dolls enter my collection, they are mine to do with whatever I choose. I am pretty confident that the artists and manufacturers do not mind the way I choose to enjoy them because they have already gone to the bank with the money I paid.

    Enjoy your dolls to the fullest!


  4. I totally agree, once a doll enters my hands and collection it's mine to do whatever I choose lol. I remove hair, faces clothes etc LOL. I love the clothing for the Liv dolls. I also agree that there was no reason to make those heads so darn big. The eyes are kinda creepy to me also. I have snapped several heads off just for the bodies as well :)
    Love the story.

  5. How cute! I love redressing. So much fun. It's nice having dolls with different body sizes because you know an outfit that may not fit one, may fit another. I hate to inform you guys but based on the number of young girls that I communicate with regularly from my videos, those big headed LIV dolls are just as popular or more so than the Barbies, with the young ladies. Maybe SpinMaster wasn't too far off with their intended audience, which I don't think was us old heads.

  6. Thanks Cindy! Alexis is still enjoying this outfit.



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