Thursday, September 29, 2011

Big Jack is Free

Big Jack

Big Jack, ©1971 by Mattel, a 9-1/2in/24.13cm all-vinyl figure with action arm was rediscover this past weekend as I attempted to locate other dolls without success. The dolls I thought were stored in a Hildegard Gunzel doll box in my closet are still missing in action. Instead I found Big Jack, team mate of Mattel's Big Jim action figure.  (They're really dolls, but refuse to admit it).

Big Jack has bulging biceps muscle action when his forearm is lifted. When the button on his back is pressed, his right arm moves up and down in a karate chopping motion (oh, what fun!).  His jointed wrists, knees, and ankles aid in posing him in every sports position, because unlike GI Joe, Jack and Jim were sports-oriented figures..

Big Jack and his stuff

Big Jack's accessories include:
Karate board
and Big Jim sports book (collector's catalogue)

The back of the box illustrates all-star action uniforms that were sold separately for these two guys.  These can be seen at the Big Jim link above.

I rediscovered additional dolls that were stored in the box with Big Jack. Those dolls along with Big Jack are also out of the closet for good.


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  1. I did a post about Big Jim and his friends last month:

    I didn't have any good photos, however, because my brother's "action figures" lived a hard life and didn't survive our childhood. I am glad to see a Big Jack in mint condition.

  2. Limbe Dolls,

    I remember your post from last month about Big Jim and other 1970s action figures. My Big Jack had been MIA so long that reading your post did not ring a bell that he is Big Jim's counterpart or that I owned him.

    A clear sign that you own too many dolls is when some are forgotten.

    I'm glad I rediscovered Big Jack and could share him here.


  3. I got a little flustered reading this post. I wasn't sure where you were going with Big Jack, in those shorts, with the bulging muscles and the pressing his buttons. My, oh my. I think I need a date now.

  4. Vanessa you are a riot. I promise, the post was not meant to be suggestive. I apologize that it turned out that way.


  5. I'm really trying to get all of the figures and set ( in somewhat decent condition) without selling a major organ.anyone have any ideals? JR

    1. Other than eBay, where you most probably will have to sell a major organ, I cannot offer any leads for purchasing these figures. Good luck in your search.


    2. I'm doing the same thing! Check out the Big JIm Buy/Sell page on Facebook - lots of great info and stuff for sale.

    3. Thank you for the FB link, Tegart.


  6. Yeah most people are asking you to sell a organ to get these figures,but the search continues.


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