Sunday, September 25, 2011

This Blog Re-Featured

I was just notified that my blog has been re-featured on a fellow blogger's new blog:  I thought I would share the link to the re-feature here for new followers who may have missed Janet's first incredibly nice blog about this blog and my passion for collecting black dolls, written in January 2010.  At the same time, Janet honored me with her VOW (vine of wisdom) badge of inspiration. 

Unfortunately, sometime between her move from one space on the Web to another, her initial blog about this blog was lost in cyberspace.  Zapped!  Gone forever.  But I remember most of what she wrote and still feel honored and blessed that a non-doll-collecting, total stranger would take the time to: 1) honor me with a badge of inspiration, and 2) to write a blog about it.

I was so moved by her kind words that I asked and received her permission to use a portion of what she wrote on the back of my third book, The Doll Blogs:  When Dolls Speak, I Listen.  I'm glad I did... at least that portion will never be lost.

Upon reading the re-featured blog, I discovered today that the VOW badge of inspiration Janet awarded me 20 months ago was the first one she issued.  I am very humbled by all of this.

Thanks again Janet!  May God continue to guide your steps and shine His light of favor upon all you do.


PS:  Thanks again, Janet, for teaching me 20 months ago "How to Make a Link Open in a New Window."  The world needs more angel-people like you.

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