Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Last Kish, Last Purchase

Alisha by Helen Kish, an 8-inch doll with bent baby legs has red hair and brown painted eyes.

Helen Kish is one of my favorite doll artists.  Her doll-children are the perfect size, from as tiny as 4-1/2 inches (the Kishlets) to 16 inches.  The ones I favor (friends of Riley) are 7 inches tall.

Usually I am forced to wait for dark-skinned dolls to enter Kish's doll lines.  I find myself anticipating the next one and often am required to wait more than a year.  This year Alisha was introduced.  I preordered her immediately in April.  She arrived last month, my last new doll, and was well worth the wait. 

More pictures:
Full-length picture of Alisha.  I added her pink ribbon headband.

Alisha on display; with arms gesturing, "Pick me up pweeze."

See more cute Kish kids here (courtesy of Phyllis Schlatter).




  1. I love Helen Kish and her dolls. I only have a couple and none of then are brown skinned. I have tried to get Jessamyn a couple of times, but those prices are sometimes prohibitive to my brain. The ones that I have, I bought on incredible sales. So is Alisha the same size as Riley? If she is, I am surprised she doesn't have bendable arms.

  2. Hi Vanessa,

    Alisha is sculpted on a larger scale than Riley and her friends. They (R&F's) stand 7 inches tall. Alisha is 8 inches tall and is an overall "thicker" doll than R&F.

    In the promo image, Alisha is held by one of Helen's 16-inch dolls.

    Only a select few of Helen's dolls are articulated. It would be nice if they all were.


  3. All of the new Riley size dolls are articulated as of 3+ish yrs ago. Hopefully they still are. So when I thought she was Riley's size, I wondered why she hadn't gotten the articulation. Since she is bigger, I completely understand.

  4. Okay... with the exception of Mowgli, all my other older dark-skinned Riley sized dolls are not articulated. So it probably has been 3+ years since Helen made another dark skinned Riley friend, which is why I wouldn't have known she is now using the articulated bodies for this size now.

    It's too bad they choose not to include dark-skinned dolls at least once a year or once every other year, but chosing not to do so saves me money.



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