Friday, January 12, 2018

Heidi Ott Little Ones Leonie

Leonie by Heidi Ott, circa late 1990s

As doll collectors, we have all found dolls offered for a price that was too good to refuse. This was the case with Leonie. The eBay seller offered her in a buy it now auction that also included the make offer feature. I made an offer, which was followed by the seller's counter offer that I accepted. Having retailed for about $100 during the late 1990s, Leonie is part of Swiss doll artist, Heidi Ott's Little Ones series of mostly 12-inch dolls with some smaller babies included in the line.

Leonie is made of artist vinyl with hand painted facial features.  She has a human hair wig styled in two side ponytails, the ends of which have multiple braids.  Her body is brown stockinette-type cloth.  Leonie wears her original dress, pants, and a threaded necklace which matches the ribbons in her hair.

Although they were manufactured around the same time (late 1990s), her twin sister, Saddie preceded Leonie's arrival here by several years.  Both girls share the same head sculpt.  I am not sure which doll was released first, Saddie or Leonie.  I first discovered Leonie in the November 2017 eBay auction.

Both Saddie and brother Tom were purchased shortly after the Little Ones series was released to the market during the late 1990s.  Tom and Saddie still have their original hang tags and both wear their original clothes.  All dolls were released with bare feet.

Saddie, Tom, new-to-me Leonie, and (duplicate) Tom
During a Secret Pal gift exchange in the mid 2000s, I received a duplicate Tom.  Tom #2 had remained in his original box until being released for the above photo.

Baby Harry, who has been part of the doll family since the early 2000s, joins the gang for a group photo. His clothing is all original as well.

Close-up photo of all Little Ones who reside here.  
Leonie is a welcome edition to the doll family.  Believed to have retired from doll making, Heidi Ott's last known dolls were miniatures.

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  1. How appropriate that Tom also has a twin .... and I suspect that all four older siblings dote on Baby Harry. What a lovely group!

    1. Yes, you know they have all spoiled the baby. :-) He's still as sweet as ever, however.

      Thanks Gini!


  2. I like Tom’s almost side eye on the left, the kids got attitude...I’ve never seen this series of dolls before. So much character!

    1. Hi Julius,

      Until you mentioned it, I had never noticed original Tom's slight side eye. He's either planning something or perhaps has already done it! I wonder if Saddie knows. I think I need to keep an eye on him. :-)



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