Monday, September 19, 2011

Kish's Cute Ballerinas Created and Manufactured

I purchased the above ballerina fashion made for Madame Alexander's 8-inch Wendy during a past special sales event.  Since I do not redress my Madame Alexander dolls and the company does not make "dress me" dolls, I selected Anjali by Helen Kish to wear it.

Joined by Kish's ZsuZse, who is redressed in Elementary Riley #1's dance outfit, Anjali looks adorable in the Madame Alexander ballet class fashion.

Two other Kish dolls that were manufactured by the artist as ballerinas are Amalia from 1997 (the tallest doll) and Natalie from 1996; they wear their original ballerina outfits.  Missing from my collection is another ballerina by Kish, KiraReleased the same year as Amalia, Kira usually sells for $300 on the secondary market.  She will remain on my doll wish list until I locate one for a price I am willing to pay.

I never took nor desired to take any type of dance classes.  I do recall one 1st or 2nd grade school performance where I was required to participate in a "There's No Business Like Show Business" tap dance routine.  Along with our black patent-leather tap shoes, we wore black leotards, white tights, red tutus, and white straw hats with candy cane striped bands.  I still recall how jittery I was before and during that performance.  With a stomach full of butterflies, I faced my fear and managed to complete the routine.  I have never worn another dance leotard since. 

Minus the overwhelming sense of fear, the Kish dolls are reminders of my elementary school tap dance experience and how cute little girls look in their dance costumes.  




  1. Very cute outfits that bring back many memories. I took Ballet and Tap as a child. My mother and my Ballet teacher got together and decided that I would look best in yellow so my first tutu was yellow. I, however, desperately wanted a pink tutu. I was so angry about having to wear the yellow one that I refused to wear yellow for years after wards. It wasn't 'til I got to college that I realized my mother was right, yellow is one of my best colors!

  2. Sometimes our mother's do know best. Well, I'll admit it, most of the time.


  3. I have this Kira doll. It is in perfect condition. If you are really interested in this doll, please let me know. I do not know much about blogging, so if anybody can help me get in contact with the writer of this blog, please let me know how to do so. Thanks

    1. Hi Kenneth,

      Since publishing this post regarding my desire for Kish's Kira, I have since added two Kiras to my collection. Thanks!



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