Thursday, September 29, 2011

Other Former Closeted Dolls

Three versions of Toya of the Starr Model Agency by JPI

In addition to finding Big Jack this past weekend, I found other dolls that were purchased in the 1990s.  These include three Toya dolls of the Starr Model Agency by JPI circa 1990s. Toya is a 6-1/2in/16.5cm fully poseable fashion doll similar to Topper's Dawn dolls (1969-1972). One of the dolls wears an evening gown, one wears a two-piece halter and skirt, and the other wears a casual pants outfit. The evening gown doll came with a collectible biography trading card that has her image on the front. In addition to her biography, which reveals that Toya is a newly selected supermodel for the Starr Model Agency and that she sings like an angel, the back of the card describes the agency's founding.  The agency was founded by the blonde doll in this line, Starr, who can be seen on the back of the box along with the other agency models.
Back of evening gown Toya's box

Doesn't Taylor (the brunette on the upper left) look like a post-plastic surgery Michael Jackson?

Kenner's ©1982 Glamour Gals, Brian in Dinner for 2 (from the "Dateline Collection") and Jana were also in the box with Big Jack. These two are only 4in/10.16cm tall. Both have molded-on clothing. Brian's package includes a dining table, 2 chairs, place settings, candelabra, "roast pheasant" on serving tray, cover, tablecloth, and his doll stand. That's a lot of stuff for $3.96.

Close-up picture of Brian and Jana

Finally, Baby Buddies, Big Girl Baby, shown above, also by Kenner ©1994, was in the same box with Big Jack, Toya, Brian and Jana. Her accessories include birth certificate, potty chair, bowl of baby food, baby bottle, puppy, and a newspaper for the puppy to potty on. Other than having a dark complexion, I have no clear recollection why I purchased this one.
Big Girl Baby by Kenner with all her stuff

Now they are all free.


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  1. Applause for the freed dolls, DBG!

  2. Those are very nice. I have never seen any of them before. Congratulations on setting them free.

  3. I have a Toya doll but didn't remember her name. Thanks for posting about her.

  4. D7ana and Georgia Girl - Thanks!

    I am happy this post helped you ID your Toya, Limbe Dolls.


  5. I think Taylor looks more like LaToya. I know it is hard to tell her from Michael, but I distinctly see LaToya. Thanks for sharing. Goodness knows I have never seen these before.


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