Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Circa 1970s Tammy/Sindy Competitor

Circa 1970s Tammy/Sindy Competitor
Found in June on eBay at an acceptable price, based on the prices dark-skinned 1970s fashion doll clones/competitors usually sell for, I snapped up this circa 1970s Hong Kong-marked fashion doll in a buy it now. The auction was offered by a Canadian seller. My BIN price after converting to US dollars was a little less than the Canadian dollar price.  The small packets parcel arrived within two weeks.

I love her face, which is different from any clone/competitor I own.  Her thin plastic body and the quality of it is similar to that of dolls by Shillman , with Shillman possibly being slightly better in quality.  The face is reminiscent of Ideal's Grownup Tammy and/or Sindy's friend Gayle by Marx.  Her face, however, is not as full as Gayle's.  Her swivel waist is her only extra articulation and her fingers and toes are fused.  A new body would be a nice upgrade for her pretty face, but I will probably leave her as is.

She arrived wearing a Barbie-tagged red blouse with sailor collar, a red/yellow/green floral-print pencil skirt, and a brown plastic belt, the length of which I shortened to fit her thin waist.  Her feet were bare.

Initially, I was very disappointed in this purchase because of the poor quality of the body.  It screams today's dollar store fashion dolls.  My displeasure led me to immediately remove this type doll from my eBay saved searches.  After being on my desk, standing alongside my CPU (waiting to be photographed and spreadsheet documented), she seemed to peek out at me each time I glanced in her direction, appearing to sense how I felt about her.  She almost looked ashamed.

I have since warmed up to her and found shoes to match her clothes. The eBay search for this type doll, however, will remain deleted from saved searches.  

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