Monday, July 25, 2016

A Beautiful One-of-a-Kind Toddler by Sue Sizemore

Named by me, Maya is a one-of-a-kind painted cloth doll that stands 17-inches and has straight legs. The doll was made by the talented cloth doll artist, Sue Sizemore. I have one other doll by Sue in my collection, a mature woman, which was found on eBay several years ago. I have always wanted another of her dolls that represents a young child, specifically a toddler with straight legs.

Sue offered this doll in a Facebook post at less than half of what she would normally sell. By the time I read the post, the doll had been marked sold. I posted a comment which stated: I wish I had seen her before she sold at that price. I love her face, but also love the fact that she can stand and not just sit. (Many of Sue’s dolls are babies made to sit and they are much smaller than 17 inches.) Later on that day, I saw an update from Sue that read, “She is still available.” Through personal messaging, the sale was completed.

One side of Maya's hang tag bears her name and the year made; the flip side has a brief description and the artist's signature.

Since the doll had not been named, Sue allowed me to name her. I chose the name Maya, which Sue wrote on her hang tag and signed on her back before shipping her to her new home.

On her back, the artist's signature and the year made are underneath the doll's name.

Such a sweet face, Maya has painted brown eyes and facial features. She wears a soft yellow and tan checkered dress that has two front pockets and matching pantaloons.

She has straight toddler legs.  Her yellow shoes are painted onto her feet.

Two goldtone necklaces with ivory pendants, one flower shaped with faux diamond, the other rose-shaped, are at her neck. Tiny square acrylic earrings are sewn onto her earlobes. Dark brown alpaca wool was used for her hair, which is styled in soft curly bangs and two curly side ponytails. Each ponytail is tied with fabric that matches the dress.

While photographing Maya, I found two string-wrapped figures in the right pocket of her dress. I sent Sue a personal message and asked if they were left there by mistake. She replied, “She wanted some toys.”

How sweet is that?

Maya posed for a couple of additional photos.

Most of the month of July, I have written about doll purchases made in June, which was definitely a great month for finding desired dolls at prices I just simply could not refuse.  Maya was my last June purchase.

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