Monday, July 13, 2015

Fashion Corner Quick Fixes

Fashion Corner Clearly Casual and Zahara

In my previous post on these two Fashion Corner divas, I indicated my plans to rebody both due to their injured extremities. One had a broken leg, the other a broken arm. The rebodying plan has changed, possibly temporarily, but maybe permanently (none of my on-hand dolls' complexions match theirs).

As a plan B, I decided to mend their amputated extremities using air dry modeling clay and glue. I was hoping the modeling clay alone would work. However, it did not.

Just enough modeling clay is pressed into the arm hole with the excess removed from the edges.  The arm was pressed into the soft clay-filled arm hole to create an impression of the arm knob.  The arm was left in the arm hole until the clay dried around it.

Similarly, the hole in the leg was filled with modeling clay and the leg pressed into the clay to create the pattern of the broken leg knob.  A small amount of modeling clay was left around the circular edge to harden.  I knew I would have to glue the leg to this area and that the leg would not be able to move.  The goal was a repair, not articulation.  The clay dried overnight without the leg pressed into it.

The clay has dried around the arm knob.  The arm remains in place as shown in this photo of Zahara being held sideways.  However, when an attempt was made to put her blouse on, the arm shifted.  The arm was removed; tacky glue was applied over the clay and the arm reattached.  Not shown:  Adhesive tape was placed over this area to hold the arm in place until the glue dries.

The clay inside the leg hole of Clearly Casual Zahara has dried, glue applied over the clay, and the leg properly positioned.  The leg is held in place with adhesive tape to secure it in place until the glue dries.

Both girls are dressed and shoes added to match their clothing.  Even though one cannot move both legs and the other cannot move both arms, they appear as good as new.