Friday, June 22, 2012

Cute as a Button by Cheryl Hill

A brochure from Ashton-Drake arrived recently that I almost discarded before noticing these cute brown mini babies by Cheryl Hill.  It may be my monitor, but in the brochure they appear more brown than portrayed in the website images. 

Miniature babies by Cheryl Hill for Ashton-Drake, click to enlarge

In any shade of brown, their prototype images are indeed as "Cute as a Button," the name given to the first in this series of mini babies.  Others include "Sweet as Honey,"  in yellow and "Gentle as a Lamb," in blue.  Whether or not the actual dolls will look like their prototypes is unknown.  Ashton-Drake has failed at replicating some artists' sculpts in the past

No longer a baby-doll collector with a preference for non-sleepers, I still enjoy seeing cute doll portrayals of babies.  At only 5 inches and poseable, one of these might be a consideration.  We shall see.


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  1. She is indeed, cute as a button! I used to love buying the Heavenly handfuls. They make nice additions to the Tonner doll families. But that was then.


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