Thursday, July 5, 2012

Van's Doll Treasures Featured in FDQ

Roderick, his ex-wife Melanie, and their 12-year-old daughter, Nicole, look comfy cozy on a sofa and chair made by Vanessa of Fashion Dolls at Van's Dolls Treasures.  -- Photograph* courtesy of  Vanessa Morrison

After "meeting" Vanessa of Fashion Dolls at Van's Doll Treasures, it did not take long for me to become thoroughly impressed by her creative dioramas using fashion dolls, handmade furniture, and often handmade accessories.  So impressed, I wanted to help share her creative genius with the doll-world at large. Writing an article for a major doll publication would be my way of doing this.  I proposed the idea to Vanessa, who readily accepted.  The culmination of our several weeks' work has resulted in the article, "Van's Treasures," which appears in the Autumn 2012 Americana issue of Fashion Doll Quarterly (FDQ).  This issue began shipping July 5, 2012, and I wait with bated breath to receive my hard copy!

FDQ is available by subscription, as a single copy for $10 + postage from authorized sellers, or as a digital download for $7.99 at their web site.

Stella's Treasures and Angelic Dreamz sell single copies of FDQ, but at the time of this writing, their sites have not been updated with a buy link for the Autumn 2012 issue.  As the magazines just shipped, these sites should be updated with buy links soon.  Barnes and Noble book stores should also have their copies soon.

Thank you, again, Vanessa!

I also extend a heartfelt thanks to Pat Henry, editor of FDQ for accepting the article without hesitation!

*Roderick (Rod) and estranged wife, Melanie, shown in the associated image, were having an uncomfortable discussion with daughter, Nicole.  Rod and new wife, Danielle, had just begun dating at the time the photograph was taken and used in Vanessa's post of May 5, 2011.  This photograph illustrates one of Vanessa's many fashion doll families used in her prolific doll stories.


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