Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kish's Jimi and the UFDC Jambalaya Jubilee

Thousand's of conventioneers have converged in New Orleans, Louisiana to attend the 2012 United Federation of Doll Clubs (UFDC) Convention.  Their "Jambalaya Jubilee" commenced on July 24 and will end on July 27, 2012.

Seminars, workshops, competitive exhibits, junior collectors events, luncheons with souvenir dolls, today's public sales day in the doll room, and Joyce Stamps' "A Stitch in Time," black cloth doll exhibit are just a few of the wonderful activities collectors will experience at the UFDC convention this week.

A host of vendors -- doll shops and artists -- are there.  Helen Kish, of Kish and Company, the artist of the newest member of my Kish doll family, is there.

In June, after reading the most recent Kish Collectors Society (KCS) newsletter, I preordered Jimi 'Goin' Fishin', at the club price which included free shipping.  Jimi arrived this week.  He is #7 of an edition of only 80 dolls produced.  Remaining quantities are probably there with Helen at the UFDC Convention and possibly sold out by now. 

Jimi 'Goin' Fishin' by Helen Kish

Jimi is a 7-1/2-inch, all-vinyl tyke with jointed elbows and knees.  "Shirtless on purpose," he is dressed in his light blue shortalls that are enhanced with red stitching.  Jimi also wears a hand crocheted hat made of Japanese paper yarn.  His brown mohair yarn wig is also hand crocheted.  Individually hand painted by Kish, Jimi has brown eyes and a multicolored, cloth knapsack over which his tan sandals are slung.  Jimi's outfit would be incomplete without his handmade fishing pole that reportedly was made by Helen's husband, Tamas.

Isn't he just the cutest little thing? 

In 2007, I missed out on purchasing the first Jimi, a UFDC luncheon souvenir doll dressed in denim jacket and jeans that was inspired by Jimi Hendrix.  After learning about Jimi's return, I did not want to miss getting this one.

I may not be in "N'orleans" enjoying many of the aforementioned UFDC convention events, but I am enjoying Jimi 'Goin' Fishin'.


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  1. I am so jealous! He is a cutie. That was a great price. I have several of her 8" dolls, but I don't have any of the AA ones. I kept missing out at a price I could afford.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa. He's even cuter in person. I love that he has articulation, too.

      He has a twin who has been here for quite some time; they share the same head sculpt (Jada). I should have photographed them together. Maybe I will do that as a followup.


  2. Jimi is very sweet. I wish I could have attended the convention. It makes me homesick for New Orleans.

  3. Jimi is such a cutie! So wish I was with them in New Orleans. I went for my 40th birthday and had an amazing time the three weeks I was there!

  4. My, Oh, MY!! I want one!!! He is just the cutest. You can't help but fall in love with him. Now let me see, hmmmm, I do believe I can make room for him too!

  5. Jimi is a cutie! I wish I could have gone to the convention this weekend.

  6. Thank you, Limbe Dolls, Chynadoll, Brini, and Georgia Girl. Jimi is a sweetheart. In artist-doll world, Helen Kish remains one of my favorites.

    I am sure the convention was enjoyed by those who attended.


  7. This doll actually reminds me of myself as a little kid going fishin' barefoot and country as all get out. Only thing missing is a tin bucket full of worms.

  8. Awww... I bet you were an adorable little fisher person, Muff.



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