Friday, January 11, 2013

Russell Williams Goes Back To His Roots

As shown above, (Ultra Basic) Russell Williams' manufactured hair is straight, pulled back into a ponytail.  I never liked this style for him, but did nothing with it until now.

His new hair was advertised by Umoja Dolls on The Show and Sell site of The Doll Page in the form of a dreadlocks wig.

I love his new look!

Russell Williams with locs

All he needs now is another shirt... one made for a male.  The one he wears (including the pants) is part of a CED fashion.  He doesn't know nor does he care that he's wearing  female clothing.


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  1. Hi! Have you seen these dolls?

  2. Yes, Ada. I have seen the Django movie memorabilia doll. I have no plans to purchase them for myself.

    Thanks for sharing the link.


  3. I like it! Did you shave his head or is the wig covering his usual locks?

    1. Hi Muff,

      Who me, shave a doll's head? Girl, no! I go almost into panic mode thinking about doing that.

      No, the wig is quite full and just sits on top of his head. You cannot see his original hair. I didn't undo the ponytail either. I also did not pay the price the wig is listed for now in the seller's shop. So glad I ordered when I did, because otherwise, Russell would still be wearing his ponytail.

      I need to find or make a no-sew dashiki for him and find or make sandals that fit his feet.



  4. Love the wig! It's very well done and quite full. Russell seems to like his new look. A dashiki would be nice.


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