Sunday, January 6, 2013

Will the Real City Shopper Please Sell?

No, I am not City Shopper Barbie, I am Barbie Basics Model 08, Collection 002.5, but I am wearing City Shopper's complete fashion and accessories.

Barbie Basics Model 08 Collection 002.5 redressed in AA City Shopper Barbie's fashion

City Shopper arrived this past Saturday.  I decided to keep the fashion and accessories and eBay the Mbili-facial sculpted doll, her box, certificate, and doll stand along with the current issue of Barbie Collector, which features the City Shopper dolls on the cover.

All of my Barbies are beginning to look alike since Mattel continues to reuse the same sculpts for the African American dolls.

If interested in the nude City Shopper and the other items mentioned above, check her out, by clicking here


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  1. I didn't realize the City Shopper was exactly like the BB 3.0 doll? I thought she was more like Kara. Love those lashes.

  2. Hi Vanessa,

    Yes, same facial sculpt; different complexion and hair color.


  3. Hello from Spain: I see that all AA Barbies are very similar. In my country are not for sale in stores. I bought my AA Barbie online shopper. It cost me 60 euros (about $ 60). To me they are expensive Barbies. I see it in your e-bay seller is cheaper. Keep in touch


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