Friday, April 5, 2013

Barbie Girls Come in All Colors... Shouldn't Barbie Accessories?

I am not a Barbie girl (per se), but ...

... I signed the Petition for Mattel to offer party supplies featuring Barbies of Color.

Hope you will, too.


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  1. I remember I found a ballet Barbie of color comforter for my grandaughter. I was so excited. Shame we have to be so needy for what others take for granted. smh

    1. I can only imagine your enthusiasm about finding the Barbie comforter The Grandmommy.

      It is sad that in 2013 the struggle still exists to get manufacturers to consider the diversity of our world when manufacturing their products. They are stuck in the old school thinking of "They will buy the white one anyway." Times are changing and many no longer settle when something else is desired.


  2. Signed the petition! Fingers crossed ;-)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Vanessa!

      The little "Bobbie" (as some of them pronounced it) girls are so adorable in the video!


  4. Someone sent this to me via email. I signed the petition. I hope it makes a difference.

  5. Signed the petition too. I'm not a blue eyed blond either. Thanks for calling attention to the story.

  6. I was just made aware of the African American party themed product and services company, P. J. Tuttles. The owner of the company wrote:

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    I'm doing excellent and the company is steadily growing. Please share with your readers that my company has set the bar in not just creating a licensed character, but introducing stylish and well designed products. We offer everything from invitations to designer cakes, personalized with style. Including party favors.

    From Atlanta to Japan, we are processing orders and growing daily. We listened to our adorable little clients and know that we are the game changer in this industry, bringing joy to girls all over the world.

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    Adjua Ferguson"

    Do visit and share the P.J. Tuttles sites with family and friends. Thanks!



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