Friday, June 7, 2013

Matoka Gets the Yellow Dress + Body Comparison

Yellow dress sewn by Betty A.

I redressed Matoka in the yellow with red circle-print dress that doll-friend, Betty A. sent me.  Initially I thought I would prefer the yellow dress on Deb (my birthday doll).  As it turns out, the brown and gold African print dress is the one I liked best on Deb (for now).

Deb joins Matoka to show off the African print dress made by Betty A.

It may be that Matoka's sandals, that Deb wears, were the deciding factor... not sure.  I think they both look adorable in their new clothes.

While I had the girls together, I wanted to do a body comparison for those Himmie lovers who may have been on the fence about Woelfert-Puppen dolls or for those who are unfamiliar with these dolls. 

Stripped down to their birthday suits, the girls illustrate their similarities and differences.

Height-wise, the dolls are the same, 33-1/2 inches

Deb's head is larger than Matoka's... not disproportionately larger because her body has more girth than Matoka's.  Both dolls have human hair wigs and mouth-blown glass eyes.  Additional comparisons are outlined below along with additional pictures:

Deb has:                                                      Matoka has:
Jointed arms at shoulders only                       Jointed biceps, shoulders
Jointed waist                                                  Non-jointed waist
Jointed knees                                                 Non-jointed knees
Full (soft and supple*) vinyl body                   ¾ rigid vinyl body; cloth waist-to-thighs

Longer/wider foot, 5 inches x 2-2/8 inches     4-1/2 inch x 2-2/8-inch foot
Great toe and 2nd toe separate only              All toes are separate
7-inch arm circumference                              6-inch arm circumference
12-inch arm length                                         12-1/2-inch arm length
Longer torso; 16-1/2 inch actual waist           17-inch waist
18-inch waist at the waist joint
15-inch leg length                                          15-inch leg length

Deb is standing without support while Matoka is leaning against the door.

Can stand without support                             Requires a doll stand for standing

More distinctly sculpted navel and breasts
Made completely in Germany

I would rate the quality of the Woelfert-Puppen dolls as high as that of Himstedt dolls.  The only difference is the type vinyl used and jointed areas.  *The vinyl used for Woelfert-Puppen dolls is comparable to that used on the 1990s dolls by John Nissen; it is a pliable yet very sturdy vinyl.

The service provided by Woelfert-Puppen was excellent and transit time from date of purchase to arrival took approximately 17 days which included the Memorial Day holiday.  I am thoroughly pleased and honored they named the doll I purchased after me. 


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  1. Great choices in both cases. The yellow dress looks better on Matoka. Such beautiful dolls.

  2. Both are lovely. Deb looks prettier in the darker color. I liked the yellow on them both.

  3. So cute! They look like they play well together.

  4. I think the girls look great together! The differences between them are the differences you might notice between two actual children. I get the urge to hug them each and give them each a cookie... 2 cookies, one for each hand.

    1. Your comment gave me a smile, Mary. Thanks!

      The girls do look so precious (and are so well behaved) that they deserve a special treat. A cookie or two would be perfect!



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