Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bookmarks and Package Art

Paper doll artist, Diana E. Vining, of held a drawing on Facebook for her newly designed Lovely Locks bookmarks.  I entered by placing a comment to the status update containing the contest information.  At the end of the contest period, the gracious Diana allowed all participants to win.  We had a choice of one of the four new designs.  I chose McKenna, "who" was waiting patiently for me at the post office this past weekend, along with three additional ones that I purchased to be used as gifts. 

"Hi Debbie!" package art by Diana E. Vining
The four McKenna's were carefully tucked inside a padded envelop which contained Diana's signature package art on the outside, as illustrated above.  I like the personal touch she adds to her mailings so much that I have saved others from past packages, which are shown below, followed by the McKenna bookmark that I won.

Saved package art from past orders

McKenna measures approximately 6-1/2 inches (not including the top of her yarn ponytail).  The ponytail is black yarn with purple highlights that match the purple dress.  A multicolored bow accents the side ponytail.  McKenna holds her very own doll -- simply adorable!

The bookmarks are $4 and are cute gifts or gift extras for readers young and old. 

Browse Diana's website for bookmarks, paper dolls, note and greeting cards, and other products that include her art.


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  1. Okay, that is pretty darn cute - both the bookmark and the personal packaging. I would save them too.

    1. Call me sentimental, I guess, Muff. But I just couldn't part with hand drawn-for-me art. I'll probably frame the package art together instead of keeping it in a box with "important papers" such as my voters registration.

      And those booksmarks are just too darn cute.



  2. Those are adorable, both the art and the bookmark. I've bookmarked her site for future purchases.

  3. How cute are those! On my way to check her out. thanks for sharing this ;-)


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