Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Birthday Dolls From Friend to Me

Madame Alexander Wendy dolls, Balloons for Your Birthday and Dairy Queen Blizzard -- these Wendys use the exclusive African American head sculpt. 

UPS delivered these two little girls last month on the date of my birthday.  They arrived in a box load of other beautifully wrapped (non-doll) birthday gifts from my friend, Debra R.

Balloons for Your Birthday Wendy - stock photo
Balloons for Your Birthday (Wendy) is a-dor-a-ble!  Wendy has long bone-straight black hair with bangs and brown open/close eyes.  She wears a white cotton dress with pastel colored polka dots and a dark pink ribbon at waist.   The dress has a pale pink cotton slip attached.  The pale pink hair bow, white ankle socks, and pink Mary Jane-style patent-leather shoes complete her outfit.  Included are three happy birthday felt balloons that Wendy can hold in her too cute hand (with the aid of a clear rubber band).

This happy birthday-themed Wendy marks the 4th Madame Alexander Wendy in my collection.  Two of the others were gifts from Debra R. in past years.  I also have Happy Birthday Boy from 1992. 

Happy Birthday dolls by Madame Alexander, Birthday Boy and Girl (1992), Happy Birthday Wendy (1999) and Happy Birthday Wendy 2005 -- these dolls have the original Wendy face, which was used for both AA and Caucasian dolls.  Wendy's appearance changed in 2004 with an exclusive head sculpt created for the AA doll.

DQB Wendy - Stock photo
I did not think I would have the opportunity to see in person, let alone own, Dairy Queen Blizzard Wendy (DQBW).  I had preordered her through one of my doll clubs around this time last year.  Unfortunately, ownership of the Madame Alexander Doll Company changed shortly after the order was placed.  After waiting for several months, we were informed that Alexander Dolls could not fulfill the orders for African American DQBW because the doll was sold out.  I mentioned this dilemma to Debra R., who later found this one for me on eBay.

Dairy Queen Blizzard Wendy has dark brown hair styled in three curly ponytails accented by red and white polka dot ribbons.  Her blue twill dress is embellished with upright and upside down images of the Dairy Queen Blizzard cup with straw.   A red and white polka dot ribbon is tied at the waist.  The DQ emblem is embroidered on one collar.  A two-layer petticoat (one red and one white crinoline) creates a perfect flare for the skirt of the dress.  DQB Wendy also wears blue and white striped tights and red Mary Jane shoes of patent-leather.  To say she is so cute would be an understatement.

Thank you Debra R. for my wonderful gifts that I can tell are always handpicked for me with love!


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  1. They are both ADORABLE! Congrats on adding them to your collection.

  2. What great birthday gifts! Your friend is so thoughtful.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! What wonderful gifts for you!!


  4. Oh, my gosh! How freakin' cute are they?!

  5. These are lovely gifts from a very thoughtful friend. Congrats on getting them!

  6. Thanks, ladies for the congrats and happy belated birthday wishes.

    These two are adorable. I was happy to get them both.

    Debra R. is the best!



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