Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Baby Painting for Santa

Package of 1-inch plastic babies

These 1-inch generic babies, usually used for decorating cakes or for baby shower games, are the perfect size for my 9-1/2 inch Possible Dreams Santa whose over-the-shoulder gift basket did not include a doll.

Possible Dreams Santa, Christmas is for Children, holds a basket of gifts over his shoulder, has candy canes in one pocket, and a teddy bear and a ball in the other.

These 1-inch nude babies are quite dull looking, appearing more male than female; so I decided to paint-enhance the appearance of one before Santa added it to his bag.

Here's what I did:

I used white Slick Dimensional Fabric Paint by Tulip to create molded hair and a diaper to cover her bottom.
After applying the paint to the head and diaper area, I used a clip to hold the baby in the position shown to allow the paint to dry.  The clip is attached to the baby's arm.

I chose to paint the hair to create a more female-looking hair pattern (since most baby dolls are girls) and to add some dimension to the hair.

After the dimensional paint dried, I painted the hair black, added extra black paint to the eyes, and defined the lips with maroon acrylic paint.

 The baby refused to girl up, so I painted red bows on both sides of the "hair."

The above profile and frontal views illustrate how the doll looks after dimensional painting, darkening the hair, re-painting the eyes and mouth, and adding the painted-on ribbons.

The doll can be tucked in Santa's basket of gifts or held by Santa as illustrated below.

I don't know what Santa was thinking, but he should have known his gifts would be incomplete without a baby doll. 


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  1. I have a few like that! I never thought of doing that to them but it looks good! Thanks for the tip!

    1. You're welcome, Ms. Leo. Hopefully your hands are more steady than mine. It was a little difficult keeping the lines straight on her diaper at the waistline.


  2. Well done. Yes, no Santa bag is complete without a baby doll or two or three.... Oh wait. I think I was counting the number of dolls I've bought recently. Three more are on the way. Thanks Santa! We kids can never have enough dolls.

    1. Wow... Morristown is growing by leaps and bounds, but that is always a good thing when the new inhabitants can be incorporated into one of your stories.


  3. That is so freakin' adorable! You turned it into a little cutiepie.


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