Monday, December 30, 2013

Totally Coolness Flat Ironing -- Image Intense

My last doll purchase for 2013 was Totally Coolness Lizette.  I had been salivating over this doll since November when Wilde Imagination began sending emails of special sales, discounts, and free shipping.  I finally gave in and purchased Lizette during the Wilde Imagination Black Friday Redux when all items, including sale items, were discounted 20% with free shipping.  Lizette's price was already reduced from original retail, so I felt great about the purchase.  Free shipping is always an added plus.

Lizette's delivery was initially scheduled for December 24th (Christmas Eve), but due to UPS's delivery backlog, she did not arrive until the 26th.  I still consider her my Christmas present from me to me.

After removing her from the box, the state of her hair, with its uneven ends and bumpiness in the midsection of her head, was very disappointing.  Sale price or not, I was not a happy camper.  I expected her straight hair to be straight with even ends, so I contacted the Wilde Imagination folks.

I was asked a series of irritating questions (could it be the way she was tied down in the box?), which I answered.  This person requested photos of the hair, which I took and sent by email (see the actual email and photos below).  During our conversation and prior to my sending the photos, I was told that Lizette was still in stock and they would work with me to be certain I was happy.  I was also referred to someone at the Wilde Imagination store to compare the condition of my doll's hair with remaining stock.

I phoned the store.  The person there informed me that Lizette was sold out but she had four remaining heads that she kindly examined and described the condition of the hair.  They all sounded in worse condition than my doll's hair.   After asking ways to straight out the bumpiness, the store woman suggested that I wet the hair with warm-to-touch water (not boiled because it might melt the fibers); then smooth the hair as much as possible and place a towel between the hair and clothing and lie the doll flat to dry.  (Had I done this, I would have removed the doll's clothing.) 

Below is the email I sent to the first person with whom I spoke along with the requested photos:

Hi _____,

Per our phone conversation about the Totally Cool[ness] Lizette I received and your need to see photos, I took several from different angles to illustrate the uneven ends and puffiness of the back midsection of Totally Cool[ness] Lizette's hair.  I spoke with ___ who did check the hair of four Totally Cool[ness] Lizette Dionne heads and said all ends were jagged but not in any particular pattern.  One was longer on the right, one longer on the left, one was longer on both sides (shorter in the middle), etc. 

I am surprised no one else noticed/complained about this.  From the picture and description at the Wilde Imagination web site, I was expecting the doll to have straight (smooth) evenly cut ends.  Since all remaining heads are different, it appears that the rooting process was done haphazardly without regard to achieving even ends and an overall sleek look. 

According to your web site, the doll is still available.  According to ___, the doll is sold out. 

These are the photos that were attached to the email:
Note the bumpiness in the top midsection and the jagged ends

More of the bumpiness is illustrated in this photo.

Bumpiness and angled-edge ends

One last photo of the back -- very unsightly! 

She replied as follows:

Hi Debbie,

Thanks for your pics, yes, well when we have our samples our hair stylist goes over the hair, you know, she uses gels, and sprays and redoes a bit or touches them, brush, you know, so that when they do go to photography they look their best, dolls should be beautiful out of the box, but hair can be a bit tricky sometimes you do have to play with it a bit.

She mentioned you would try to warm it or see if you could get the bump out by using the warm water, so do let me know how it goes, we can replace if necessary...

Even though ___ could be sold out at the store, we do have her online so it's not a problem should it not work out...



Instead of using the suggested warm water method to relax the fibers of Lizette's hair, I opted to actually flat iron it with an iron on the lowest setting, which had to be turned up a few notches in order to achieve the desired effect.  See photos below:

Lizette was very compliant, but became a little apprehensive when she saw the actual iron.

With Lizette lying on a T-shirt on the kitchen counter, several passes of the iron were made in a top-to-bottom motion on the lowest setting.

I turned the heat setting up a few notches to warm the iron more and continued with the top-to-bottom motion ironing, getting as close to the top of Lizette's head as possible.  The bump in the midsection of her head was still noticeable.
I passed the tip of the warmer iron directly across the midsection of Lizette's head to smooth out the hair bumpiness.  This worked well.

After flat ironing, the bumpiness is barely visible and what initially appeared to be jagged ends are now even.  It was the midsection bumpiness that caused the appearance of uneven ends!

Side view after flat ironing
View of the opposite side, post-flat ironing

Close-up of lovely face post flat ironing

Lizette strikes a final pose wearing her totally cool hat.

While the use of a clothing iron worked in the case of Lizette's hair, fibers used for dolls vary.  Please do not try flat ironing your doll's hair unless you test a few strands using the lowest setting of your iron.  The test strands should also be hair that is in a concealed area, such as at the nape of the neck.


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  1. Hola, lo bueno es que finalmente quedo hermosa, seguire tu consejo para arreglar el cabello de algun titere que tengo despeinado, un beso.

  2. Gracias, Lindaivette. Estoy satisfecho con el resultado.


  3. As a doll person you need a variety of skills and equipment... a trick bag if you will. Sometimes you have to reach way down in the bag! I'm glad you were able to give her the styling she needed. She looks great now. BTW, how tall is she?
    Happy New Year!

    1. Yes, we do need our bag of tricks, Ms. Leo. Lizette is 16 inches tall. She's a big girl, but lovely. She's my third Lizette.


  4. Well, now I want to get my iron out and do some damage, but I actually prefer wavy hair over straight so maybe I will try it on some thrift store dolls that have hair just out of control.

    Thanks for this!

    1. I was actually thinking (before Lizette arrived) that I might give her a boil permed Afro, but axed the idea because she wouldn't be able to wear her "totally coolness" hat, which is one of the reasons I like her fashion. The denim shorts and tights are two other reasons.

      Back to that head of hair upon arrival: This child's hair was a total mess. She looked like she rolled out the bed and forgot to comb it. I am going to need the hair to be either straight or curly, not somewhere in between, especially for the amount of money I paid, sale or not.


  5. Great job on her hair. She is a beautiful doll.

    1. Thank you, MDW! I agree; Lizette is a beautiful doll. I need to stop with the three I own.


  6. She's lovely. I can see why you broke down and bought her. Love her outfit. And those eyes are mesmerizing. Great job on fixing her hair. That first do was unacceptable.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa.

      Someone told me, and I had read years ago, that regular (but probably not for AA hair) curing and flat irons will work on doll hair. My flat iron (which I have not used in years) gets really hot and was not a consideration for me for Lizette's hair. I didn't want to risk damaging the fibers. Those made for Caucasian hair on the lowest setting will probably work better for doll hair (Conair comes to mind). I do agree that these devices will straighten/curl the entire length of the hair, which is difficult to do with a clothing iron.



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