Thursday, December 26, 2013

Throwback Thursday: This Was Not for My Husband!

He rarely orders things, so I should have known this package was not for my husband.  I had placed an online order for him and incorrectly assumed the above package contained the games my husband ordered for our grandsons.

After he brought it in and handed it to me saying, "It's for you."  I placed it on the coffee table in the den, thinking that he was mistaken because what I ordered for him for the grandsons was ordered in my name; so my name would be on the address label and I was not expecting a package.

I woke up around midnight the next day and noticed the unopened package still in the den.  I decided to check the shipping label.  I did and noticed it was from GOLDIE WILSON!  With excitement and giddiness like a child on Christmas morning, I thought:  Oh, no this certainly isn't for him; it's for me!  I retrieved a knife from the kitchen, opened the package, and discovered the most thoughtful and generous contents -- a Columbian-style doll made by Goldie Wilson's talented hands along with a handwritten personal note with a wish for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  The doll's certificate of authenticity was also included.

Columbian style doll by Goldie Wilson

Columbian dolls originated in 1891, according to information gleaned here, where the writer states:
Columbian dolls began with two sisters living in Oswego NY in 1891. Emma Adams set to making a sturdy doll with a soft durable body. The dolls were made of muslin and stuffed with cotton and excelsior. Emma who had studied art and was known for her portraits skillfully painted their hands, feet, and heads in oils. Her sister Marietta soon joined Emma in the now prospering doll making business. She skillfully dressed the dolls in beautiful sewn outfits.  

The dolls were exhibited in 1893 at the Chicago Worlds Fair Columbian Exhibition and received a Diploma of Merit. After receiving that award the dolls then became known as The Columbian Dolls. 

The United States Postal Service issued a Columbian doll stamp in 1997 as part of their Classic American Dolls stamps.  It is the second doll to the left on the first row of the sheet of stamps.

While not from the 1890s, Goldie's doll is inspired by the original Columbian dolls, more of which along with replicas can be seen on a Columbian dolls Pinterest page. The originals most probably lacked dark skinned versions, but one doll artist that I know has rectified that by making at least two -- Goldie Wilson.

My lovely doll is 27 inches tall with painted facial features and hair.  The cloth used for her face and body appears to be black silk.  Her ecru colored dress, bonnet, and undergarments are made from antique fabric with lace embellishment.

Made in an edition of only two dolls, she is signed on the palm of her right hand:
Dolls by Goldie

On her signed certificate, Goldie wrote:
This doll will not be produced again.  Only 2 dolls made.  Antique clothing.  Oil painted face by artist.

Of course after viewing the contents of the package, I became emotion filled with feelings of blessings and  high favor that still consume me.  I will remain forever grateful for Goldie's kind gesture and thoughts of me and will cherish this doll forever!

Thank you again, Goldie!  I love her!

Each time I gaze upon her face, I say to myself, "She is so pretty... she-is-so-pretty!"
Goldie Wilson has been on Etsy since January 2013.  At this time her story is empty, but I wanted to share a link to it for future reference.


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  1. How lovely! You know, when I look at her, I actually imagine that she is the favorite doll of a French child from the 1800's. She just has that look about her.

    1. She does, but I like her true status of being made by and owned by American women from the 2000s.



  2. She is wonderful. What an amazing gift.

  3. She is a very nice doll. What a great gift!

    1. I know, Roxanne. I am still truly amazed at Goldie's thoughtfulness.


  4. Wow! How awesome is that? That was so nice of Goldie. She's such a sweetheart.


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