Friday, December 27, 2013

Repurposed Coach Duffle Key Fob

Shaped like a mini duffle bag, this Coach duffle key fob can be used as a shoulder bag for playscale to 16-inch dolls as illustrated by my two models, Janay and Lizette.

Janay chose to model the duffel bag first in this close-up image.

Here, Janay is shown in full view modeling the Coach duffle. 
Lizette Dionne likes it as well.  It coordinates nicely with her newest fashion.

I did not buy this for myself or for either of these dolls, but I may eventually purchase another.  I did want to share the repurposing possibilities here with those of you who might have salivated over but missed purchasing the now sold-out Coach Barbie that came with her own mini Coach duffle bag.

The key fob can also be used for its intended purpose, if found reasonably priced like I did.   Take a better look at it, detailing the keyring, in this image.


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  1. Nice! The dolls look great with this accessory.

  2. Clever you, DBG! Your Janay rocks that bag and that outfit.

  3. Very nice, but goodness those things are expensive. Good looking out though. I was looking to find another style.

    1. Thanks Vanessa,

      You have the doll that came with the duffle... it is understandable that you would want a different style. The person for whom this was purchased doesn't have the Coach Barbie (nor would she desire it). She collects and prefers 16-inch dolls so this worked out well for her. Expensive? Hmmm... I haven't checked on recent secondary-market prices, but I know how unreasonable some items are priced on eBay.



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