Monday, January 25, 2021

Lovely Barbie Fashionista 156 the Doll with Blue Lips

Fashionista 156 uses the nonarticulated Tall Barbie body.

I didn't think I'd like the blue lips, but I do. This lovely doll that uses the 1980 Kira head sculpt arrived a few weeks ago, but I just recently released Fashionista 156 from quarantine.  (Since the pandemic, after deliveries arrive, packages are sprayed with Lysol, Microban 24 Hour Sanitizing Spray, or some other form of antibacterial spay) and left in a "holding" area for up to three weeks, but no less than one week before I open the packages.

My plan was to redress her after she arrived; however, I had no idea what she would wear. Before redressing, she posed for several photos wearing her pink tunic-length letter "B" graphic jacket. The jacket is trimmed with light blue fabric and has white pleather sleeves.

Her almond-shaped eyes are painted brown and the lips, as illustrated, are royal blue. The texture of the black rooted Afro looks authentic.

She posed for another full-length view.

Jacket graphics on one side of the front include the word "Fearless" and the number "59" to denote the first year Barbie was on the market. Additionally, a rainbow, a lightning strike, and a mock pocket are on the same side.

The capital letter "B," "DREAM *IT* DO IT"; and another slanted pocket graphic are on the opposite front side of the jacket. Stitches are illustrated at the shoulder area on both sides.

The jacket has a front Velcro closure; the light blue buttons are graphics.

Another closeup of the Kira head sculpt

Her only other attire is a pair of yellow platform-soled high-heel shoes that have ankle straps and a round textured ornament on the toe area.


This Barbie fashion is from the Boutique Fashion Avenue Asst. 14980 ©1996.

My first inkling was to redressed this doll in the above Boutique Fashion Avenue outfit. Because she uses the Tall Barbie body and because the fashion is rather outdated, I decided against doing that to her. She needed a more modern look, but I wanted to stick with something blue.

I remembered a pair of royal blue leggings and a yellow tunic that I purchased a few years ago from Atelierni Shasha's Etsy Shop. She models this ensemble next followed by head and height comparison photos.

I added a royal blue ribbon to the waist of the yellow tunic that is paired with royal blue leggings. I also pierced her ears with royal-blue-tipped quilting needles that serve as stud earrings.

I think she likes this look.

Here, she channels her inner Pam Greer (Foxy Brown) or Tamara Dobson (Cleopatra Jones) alter ego.

Fashionista 156 (I must rename her) is quite taller than Fashionista #144 who uses the Curvy Barbie body and has flat feet.

The doll on the left, Kira, uses the original Asian Barbie head sculpt. Both dolls share the same head marks: ©MATTEL INC 1980.

As I end this post, a name for #156 materialized. I have named her Kianga, which means sunshine in Swahili. 


There are countless items to collect and write about. Black dolls chose me.

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