Tuesday, September 2, 2014

One-of-a-Kind Baby With Attitude

During a recent glimpse of the September 2014 issue of DOLLS magazine, I paused on the page containing the above photo of Dolfi* by Goldie Wilson.  I wrote Goldie to obtain more specifics about the doll for someone who had expressed interest and to inquire if she had any babies for sale.  I have been wanting a Goldie Wilson baby for years.  I never imagined in my wildest dreams what would happen next. 

Goldie shared the following three photos of porcelain babies with me along with information about each doll.
Doll 1 wears a pretty white crochet dress and comes with a hand bag that she can be placed in.

Doll 2 also comes with a purse large enough to hold her.
Doll 3 wears a white antique baby dress.
Goldie wrote the following:

These are the last baby dolls I will ever make. These are minis, only about 16" long. Porcelain with cloth bodies with pellets. 

The first doll has a beautiful crochet dress, original, comes with a hand bag to lay in. Sale price $185.

The second doll has an original dress created by me, also has a purse. Sale price $165.

The third doll has a cute antique baby dress.  Very detailed. $185.

All dolls have something special. I no longer have the molds, this is it.  Shipping and handling extra.

At the time of this writing, dolls 1 and 2 are still available.  Doll 3 is not because she lives with me and I love her!

Baby with Attitude by Goldie Wilson 2013

During our communication about the doll I purchased, Goldie shared, "I call her my Baby with Attitude," and that is exactly what is written in the name area on her certificate of authenticity. 

As Goldie indicated, Little Miss Attitude (which is what I call her) has a brown cloth pellet-filled body.  The reason for her displeasure is handwritten by Goldie on the doll's back underneath her handwritten name and above the artist's signature.  I captured an image of her "back story" and transcribed it below:
Baby with Attitude's story is handwritten on her back by the artist.

It reads:

Baby w/
I am hungry.
I want to go home.

Goldie Wilson 2013

If that's not the cutest doll story, I don't know what is. Poor thing.  Her mother probably had her at church all day.  She's tired and hungry; and as a result, she is extremely cranky, full of attitude.  She just wants to go home!

My baby has a natural hair style wig accented with a white cotton headband with bow.  She wears white pantaloons underneath her white antique baby dress.  She has beautiful brown inset eyes with applied upper lashes and hand-painted lower lashes.   She's not at all happy. 

Before she left for her new home, Goldie wrote another note regarding her:
I know my baby will be happy to see her new friends. I gave her a goodby kiss, and told her it was hot in TexasEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji .

I tried to console her after she arrived and reassure her that everything was going to be okay, but she's not having it, at least not right now.

I am not sure if the other two babies have a story that is as sweet, but you can contact Goldie to check on their availability and allow her to share their story with you.  She can be reached by email at goldiewil@msn.com.

*Dolfi (the doll advertised in DOLLS magazine) is no longer available. 




  1. Her dolls are beautiful. Congratulations on your purchase.

  2. That doll is not going to be placated in any way, shape or form. I don't think that even ice cream will garner a smile.

    Congrats on getting her.

    1. Right, Muff, even though she is "home," there is just no consoling this little one.


  3. Wow Debbie! Super congrats on getting her! I am very happy for you. She is a cutie.

  4. It might take a minute but she will warm up. She's a lucky doll to be surrounded by so many new sister and brothers.


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