Friday, October 22, 2010

A Toy for Boys but Girls Like It. Too: GI Joe

My Tuskegee Airmen blog prompted me to photograph the rest of my GI Joes.  This was done over a week ago.  Before returning them to their shelves, I wanted to blog-document each one.  Since I need to return that section of the room to some form of order, I decided to use this free time to complete the documentation of my meager Hasbro GI Joe and "lone" Jane collection.  They are included here in circa-date or box-date order:

According to my son's question when I acquired this, my first GI Joe, circa 1990s, "What are you doing with Heavy Duty?"  This is, therefore, to the best of my knowledge, 6-inch GI Joe Heavy Duty, purchased loose.

Hall of Fame GI Joe Stalker, 1991

GI Joe Action Sailor Masterpiece Edition, 1996; original reproduction GI Joe Sailor is housed in a heavy cardboard, book-like display box, includes the deluxe book, GI Joe the Story Behind the Legend by GI Joe creator, Don Levine, with John Michlig (GI Joe Action Sailor is book's cover image).

GI Joe Action Soldier Masterpiece Edition, 1996; original reproduction GI Joe Soldier is also housed in a heavy cardboard, book-like display box, includes same book mentioned above but has cover image of
GI Joe Action Soldier.

The quite homely, GI Joe Classic Collection GI Jane US Army Helicopter Pilot, 1997

GI Joe Classic Collection Navy Aviation Fuel Handler "Grape," known as "the Grapes" because of their purple shirts, 1997.

GI Joe Classic Collection General Colin L. Powell, Historical Commanders Edition, Fourth in a Series, 1998

Adventure Team GI Joe with Kung Fu Grip, GI Joe Adventurer, 2006 has flocked hair (which sheds!).

GI Joe the Rise of the Cobra Heavy Duty, 4-inch figure from the movie of the same name, 2009,

and finally...

GI Joe The Rise of the Cobra Wallace "Ripcord" Weems based on the character from the movie of the same name, 2009.  The figure does resemble Marlon Wayans, who played the character, Wallace Weems in the movie.


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  1. Cool. I would have LOVED to have Colin Powell G.I. Joe. Maybe someday ....

    Thanks for sharing these photos, though.

  2. D7ana - you're welcome. Hope you're able to add the General Colin Powell GI Joe to your collection.


  3. Very cool Debbie! My Colin Powell looks different than yours. You said he's fourth in a series - does that mean there are 4 different Colin Powell Joes? If not, who are the other commanders? My "husband's" Ripcord is still in his package, although I still think about accidentally opening him sometimes. :)

  4. Hi Roxanne,

    Colin Powell is the fourth figure in the Historical Commanders series. In release order, the others are: General Dwight Eisenhower, General George S. Patton, and General Omar N. Bradley.


  5. Thank you Debbie. I just checked my doll document (that is in bad need of an update) and I saw that I bought Colin Powell loose, so someone probably put him in a different uniform before sending him to me.

  6. A redresss, that explains why you thought our figures were different.


  7. *Appearing out of nowhere but will follow this blog from now on*

    Actually, the first figure isn't a Joe. He's Bulletproof, from a late 80's cartoon named C.O.P.S.

    He was the commanding officer of the good guys. Now that I think of it, having a black guy as the commanding officer of an 80's cartoon was quite unique and awesome.

    *adds blog to favorites*

  8. Thanks so much for helping me ID my 80's figure. I see mine is missing his huge machine gun, but that's not a problem for me. I enjoyed reading his bio at the link you shared. He is definitely one cool dude.

    I appreciate being added to your favorites, too.



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