Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Barbie Fashionista #93 Looked Better as a Prototype

Barbie Fashionista 93 (prototype image)
My first thought when seeing Barbie Fashionista 93's prototype image was, "She's cute!" In spite of the dreadful pink lip color Mattel insists on using on dolls with this complexion and even deeper that this, I decided to order from Walmart. com where store pickup was listed as available and where she was described as "Barbie Fashionistas Doll 93 Purple Lace Romper."  Within 24 hours of placing the order, I was informed the doll was not available for pickup and that my order was canceled!  I checked Amazon where she was available (described as Barbie Fashionistas Living Lace Doll) with free shipping for Prime members.  I ordered her.

Based on the prototype image, her hair was what I found most appealing.  I have a strong affinity for dolls with natural-textured hair when the hair fibers look authentic and the hair is appropriately styled.  Ninty-three's hair fits both requirements, based on the prototype image.  "I can always repaint the lips," I thought, before ordering.

She arrived swiftly.  The delivery guy followed the typewritten instruction attached to my mailbox to knock or ring the doorbell.  After hearing his early afternoon knock, I arrived at the door as he was about to get into his car.  He saw me, pointed to the wrought iron column, and said, "I left a package," which would have been well hidden from passersby and was almost hidden from my view until I looked down and saw the package he'd placed behind the column.  I thanked him, grabbed the box, and went back inside to open it.

First Photos, Still in Box
She wears a lavender lacy dress, pink heels (which are visible in the next photo) and has a pair of Malcolm-X-style horn-rim sunglasses.

This profile image shows her pink high-heels.

Close-up of 93's face

On the back of the box, Fashionista 93 is the 8th doll from the left.

93 is seen better in this zoomed-in shot of the back of the box.

First Headshots After Deboxing
Her sandy brown hair was not styled as expected.  I incorrectly assumed she wore an Afro.

Barbie Fashionista 93's hair is pulled back into one huge Afro puff.

In addition to the hairstyle, which I like, overall, 93 was not as expected.  There's something off about her face to me.  Is her nose too thin?  Is her eye shading too dark?  I know the pink lip color is awful.  I briefly thought about relisting her on eBay after examining her followed by placing the still boxed doll to the side.   The next day, when these photographs were taken and after deboxing her, I gave her another look to see if my opinion had changed.  It had not, but "her dark caramel complexion," I thought, "might match the articulated neo-Blythe body."

Complexion comparison between Fashionista 93 and an articulated brown neo-Blythe body

Yep, 93's complexion does match the articulated body, but she will be much shorter and will have smaller, flat feet.  Will I like her head better on this articulated body?  Probably.  Anything will be better than that frozen into position left arm that's bent at the elbow.

Please stay tuned for the followup.


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  1. Poor cute dolly and bubblegum lips. WHY, MATTEL, WHY??? You'll be able to save this one though, just like you did Zig and Zag.

  2. I don't understand why Mattel likes to give dark skin dolls pink lipstick. However, this doll is cute. I wish that Mattel started listening to their fans and gave us more articulated bodies, specially for tall and petite dolls.
    Love your review

    1. Thank you for reading this post monstercrafts. Mattel must have stock in the manufacturer of this and other shades of pink they use since it is also often used for Barbie and Friends with lighter complexions. They should realize by now that one size/color does not fit all.


  3. The Made to Move series of dolls have more articulation but the are not super diverse in skin tones. I also haven't seen a tall or petite one yet, but I did see that they make a Caucasian curvy. The price is usually 25.00 and up.

    1. Thank you for the information on the MTM series. I have the first dark-skinned one still in the box. I am happy with the Neo-Blythe body that I chose for this fashionista. It fits her well.

      Collectors should not have to pay $25 up (on the secondary market, I suppose) to buy dolls for their articulated bodies to use with other heads. If Mattel refuses to make articulated dolls, they should at least sell articulated bodies (without heads) in a variety of complexions, reasonably priced, for those who desire them.



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