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Teasha by Dontay 1994

Teasha by Dontay 1994

The deep-in-thought-appearing Teasha was purchased with Cally Sue. Because of Cally Sue's size and doll stand, Teasha was shipped separately (actually Teasha and Cally Sue's doll stand were in the same box).

My spreadsheet description of Teasha reads:

19-inch doll with clay-sculpted face is 11 inches in the seated position, an OOAK artist's original, marked Dontay 1994 on back of shoulder plate.  The arms to the elbows, body, and legs are cloth.  Teasha's black wig is a high curled-end ponytail with curlier bangs. She has hand-painted eyes and facial features. She wears a cream colored dress with white floral embroidered appliqu├ęs on the bodice and white embroidered accents at waist and at the ends of the long sleeves. An off-white organza and lace waist slip, off-white tights, and cream satin ballerina slippers with white leather soles complete her ensemble. She has two repaired fingers on the right hand, the pinkie and index. The pinkie was missing when she arrived. I broke the index finger. The new pinkie was sculpted using air-dry clay. The broken index finger was glued on with Epoxy and the fingers and portions of that hand and palm were repainted.

As indicated in the description, Teasha was already missing her right pinkie finger when she arrived here (and I believe this was also the case when she "lived" with her former owner, Cheryl Bruce).  When I expressed interest in purchasing Teasha, also inquiring about the price, Cheryl wrote, "Maybe Dr. Garrett, your doll whisperer, could repair her finger."

Missing/Broken Fingers

Upon arrival, Teasha's right hand was missing the pinkie finger as illustrated above.

With my manipulation of her hands to photograph her lighter painted palms and the missing pinkie, I accidentally broke Teasha's index finger, which is shown next.

Heavy-handed Debbie did that... yes, she broke Teasha's index finger!  Poor Teasha.
Thanks to me, not only did Teasha need the pinkie replaced, she also needed the fractured index finger repaired.

What Was Done

Air-dry clay was used to fashion a new pinkie for Teasha by pinching off a small piece of the clay and rolling it into the shape of a finger as shown above.  The end of the under surface that would attach to the side of Teasha's hand was flattened and slanted to fit snugly against the hand.

The new clay pinkie was attached to Teasha's hand with Epoxy, the tip end shortened appropriately, and the fingernail and lines in the finger fashioned using my fingernails to create the necessary lines and shape.

After the pinkie was attached, the broken tip of the index finger was glued on using Epoxy.
A mixture of brown acrylic paints to match Teasha's complexion was used to repaint Teasha's repaired fingers.  Paints that match the color of Teasha's manicured nails were used on the pinkie fingernail.   The palms of both hands were repainted. Everything was sealed with matte varnish. 
As it turned out, Dr. Garrett's expertise for this repair was not required.  I performed all the repairs.

Teasha, still looking quite pensive, but quite lovely and sweet, is now as good as new with all fingers intact.


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  1. She is simply BEAUTIFUL!!!! You have so many amazing dolls!!!!

    1. Thank you, April. In a doll-group photo of dolls needing new homes (needing to be sold by their former owner) there Teasha was, waiting for me to claim her. So, I did.


  2. Hi, Just found your blog and The repair of the finger was most helpful. I have a dollhouse doll coming that will need both feet repaired - but shoes so perhaps easier. I will go thru your pages but wondered if you have collected any of the resin black dolls. Here is my favorite by Doll Granado on flickr (Granado Mars with Evol body tan). Not sure if this photo will post?

    1. I am so glad you found me, Zelda. I hope the use of air-dry clay will work for the feet/shoes you must fashion to make your dollhouse doll complete. Granado is fabulous! I was able to view the photo by copying and pasting the image URL. I have not collected any of these. How tall are they? My height limit for fashion/action figures is 12 inches. I have no room for the larger dolls, but continue to enjoy admiring them from afar.


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