Tuesday, September 4, 2018

New Sandals and Boots

Red gladiator sandals were handmade and designed by Beauty of Creating to fit Toys R Us Journey Girls

I recently discovered an eBay seller (dmoore0170) who makes sandals for the Toys R Us-exclusive Journey Girls. I had no plans to redress or re-shoe my Taryn, but I ordered the red gladiator sandals because I liked them and; if not Taryn, I knew I would find a doll that could wear them.

This photo captures the back of the faux leather sandals that have two straps across the forefoot and three ankle/lower-leg-straps that close with Velcro.
The Velcro on the ankle straps is both glued and sewn to the faux leather.  One of the pieces of Velcro was loose and required hot gluing in place.  Other than that, the sandals are well made.

I already knew Taryn could wear these.  I wanted to first see which other dolls could possibly wear the sandals.  My 18-inch My Twinn doll, Tanya, tried them on, but her feet are too short and too wide.  Next, Today's Girl Eva, shown here in the knit cap, attempted to try one on.  Her foot is also too wide for the sandals.

Curly Girls United, Honey, can wear the Gladiator Sandals
While they are a little too long for her feet, Honey by Curly Girls United has narrow feet that fit the gladiator sandals, as shown above.

A Girl for All Time Bex tried on the sandals next.
It was A Girl for All Time Bex for whom the sandals were desired.  I had already tried Taryn's orange sneakers on Bex prior to ordering the sandals and knew Bex's foot was shorter than Taryn's.  If desired, she could wear these, but as you can see from the side view of her foot in the sandals, Bex's foot is just too short or the sandals are too long.

The front of Bex's foot almost disappears in the sandals.  Therefore, she will not be wearing these.

The gladiator sandals are, however, perfect for Taryn, who was happy to have them because they led to a partial redress.

Taryn removed her denim jeans, gray hoodie, white socks, and orange sneakers and replaced those with yellow distressed leggings and the red Gladiator sandals.  Her original orange and yellow striped tunic work well with the leggings and the sandals.

Taryn models the sandals from the side, which illustrates plenty of toe room (no scraping the concrete with her toes will be done while wearing these).

We both like Taryn's new sandals.
Along with the sandals, the sandal maker, Beauty of Creating, included 2017 and 2018 Detroit Doll Show* promotional cards.  The front of the cards contains an image of a Journey Girl doll modeling a pair of sandals.  The back of the cards includes Beauty of Creating's eBay, Etsy, and Instagram contacts.

The contact info on the back of each card reads:
eBay: dmoore0170
Etsy: Droneller (I could not locate)
Instagram:  Dronella_jgdolls


At the time I ordered Nia's extra hands (her name is Nia, Debbie, not Nina, as you incorrectly wrote in the last post about her), I also ordered a pair of black Doc Martens-style boots for her.  These arrived a week or so after the extra hands.  Nia models her new boots below.

The black faux leather lace-up boots have a heart-shaped design on the toe.

Nia happily models her new boots...

...and gives them a thumbs up.
The boots, which fit neo-Blythe, 1/6 BJD dolls, and others with a similar foot size, were ordered from this Aliexpress seller.


*This year's Detroit Doll Show will take place on November 10, 2018.  For show details go here and read an online article about the show here.

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  1. Wow. Just Wow!!! Those sandals and Doc Martins are so cool!!!

    1. Thank you, April! I think so too. :-) As a former shoe freak, with the sandals, I had to have them, not knowing which doll would wear them and I knew the Doc Martens would be perfect for Nia.


  2. Nia looks adorable in her school-chic fashion and those boots.


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