Monday, June 3, 2019

Prims-of-the-Past Nella

Birthday gifts from Betty A. included this lovely doll, Nella, by Barbara Elsleger.

Just as I was about to wind down my birthday month celebration, I received a package to remind me that the celebration had not ended yet.  The package included Nella, shown above, a beautiful 14-inch cloth doll by Barbara Elsleger.  Barbara sells her dolls on eBay under the name Prims-of-the-Past.  Also in the package from Betty was a beautiful birthday card, a leatherette journal with an ink pen, and a large-print edition of Our Daily Bread for the months of April, May, and June.  Individual photos of these items are shown below:

The inscription on the inside of the card is just as beautiful as the words on the outside.
Front:  When you opened your eyes this morning, God had already seen your day unfold--He covered each corner of it with His grace... tucked His love into every moment... and tenderly wrapped it with the quiet strength your heart would need.
Inside left:  You are precious to Me and honored, and I love you.  Isaiah 43:4 TLB
Inside right:  I pray He shows you how special you are through the blessings He gives you today.
My sentiment:  He did and always does.  Thank you, God!  Thank you, Betty!

This beautiful leatherette journal has an ink pen attached.

My mother gives me these from time to time.  I didn't have this quarterly version and did not know Our Daily Bread was available in large print until I received this one.  (Thanks again, Betty!  These old eyes appreciate large print.)

I had just thought about Betty earlier on the day Nella arrived when a doll she made for me a couple of years ago fell from her standing position.  Little did I know then that Betty had been thinking about me, too.

Nella is seen better in this close-up photo.
Nella has delicately painted facial features and a beautiful brown complexion.  Her head swivels and her arms and legs are designed for posing.  Not shown in the close-up is that she has cloth ears.  Her hair is made of dark brown wool accented with a tea-stained cloth ribbon.

This full view of Nella illustrates her separately stitched fingers and painted fingernails.
As indicated, Nella is 14 inches tall.  She wears a white antiqued sweater over her white dress and white pantaloons.

Painted-on Victorian-style black boots complete Nella's "Prims-of-the-Past" look.  She has a brown cardstock hang tag with the artist's name, month, and the year she was made on one side.  "Nella" is written on the opposite side.

This is Nikki (not Nella).

After sending Betty a thank you text and an email (it was too late to call and personally thank her), her reply informed me that Nella has a twin sister.  Nikki (shown immediately above) did not mind parting with Nella in order for Nella to travel to live with me.  How thoughtfully doll-lightful was that?

Jayda and Tootie are my first dolls by Barbara Elsleger.

Even though Nella left one sister behind, she joined two that were already here.  Jayda and Tootie were made in 2010 by Elsleger.

Barbara Elsleger had been the chosen artist to create my doll group's 2010 club doll.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, she was unable to fulfill this commitment.  I asked her if it would be possible for her to make one doll for me and she agreed.  When my package from Barbara arrived in December 2010, there were two dolls in it.  Because it had taken Barbara longer than she proposed to make the one doll, to thank me for my patience, she made my doll a sister!  So now I have three dolls by Elsleger and they are all truly appreciated and loved.

Nella is joined by her two other sisters, Jayda and Tootie.  They will forever enjoy each other's company.

Thank you again, Betty, for thinking about me and please thank Nikki again for allowing Nella to live with us.

Nella is featured on Pinterest with her sister Nikki here.  More of Barbara's dolls are pinned to her Pinterest boards, which can be accessed here.

The doll Betty made for me in 2017 that I referred to earlier in this post, Patty-Jo, can be read about here.


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