Thursday, June 13, 2019

Dad to the Rescue, then Woman Follows Suit

Screen capture of Ohio father who rescued his daughter's doll after a tornado demolished their house
After I read the story and saw the above photograph of the Ohio father who rescued his daughter's doll following an EF-4 tornado that demolished their home, the doll enthusiast in me immediately wondered what type of doll it was.  Upon first glance, it looked like an American girl doll. 

The tornado occurred on Memorial Day in Harrison Township, Ohio.  The super-hero dad rescued the doll for his daughter, whose first name, ironically, is Storm.   Dad, Timothy Walker, is quoted by a WHIOTV-7 reporter as saying, “They [his two children] were in the house with my wife the night of the storm and that doll became a symbol for me of just trying to do what I could to help them recover.”

Storm's doll reportedly is American Girl Truly Me 44.

Follow the link below to the article and video about this doll rescue and a kind-hearted woman, Jamesetta Taylor, who sewed an entire wardrobe for the doll.  American Girl has also offered to give the doll spa treatment in their doll hospital.

Some tragic stories do have happy endings and s/heroes are present in all demographic groups.


UPDATE:  After this post was published, I shared its link to the American Girl Addy Facebook group.  One member wondered if Ms. Taylor (the woman who made the wardrobe for the little girl had an Etsy Shop.)  At the time, I didn't know the answer to that question, but I was able to find out.  Yes, she does!  The name of her Etsy Shop is DesignsbyJimmi.  The URL/link is:

Browse her shop.  If you have something in mind for her to make for one of your American Girl dolls, send her a message through Etsy.  She said she has hundreds of outfits already made, but she only listed a few for now on Etsy.  


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  1. I'm both a tornado buff and a doll buff. With your kind permission I'd like to share this info on my blog. I'll credit your post and include a link, of course.

    1. Hi RagingMoon1987. Of course you may share the information. Thank you for asking.


    2. I updated the post to add some additional information.


  2. Now that man is truly a superdad!!!! He gets my vote for Father of the Year!

    1. He gets my vote, too, April. He also rescued his son's dream catcher.

      Full story



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